In or Out: Julia Roberts

Posted on October 13, 2011

We really don’t get Julia Roberts. Not in the “Why does this woman have a career at all” manner (although Lorenzo does have a tendency to say such things through gritted teeth whenever he encounters evidence of her existence). No, we mean, we don’t get what she thinks she’s doing when she gets dressed for public appearances.

Julia Roberts at 'Fireflies In The Garden' PremiereJulia Roberts attends the “Fireflies In The Garden” Los Angeles Premiere at Pacific Theatre at The Grove.

Julia Roberts at 'Fireflies In The Garden' Premiere

Julia Roberts at 'Fireflies In The Garden' Premiere

Julia Roberts at 'Fireflies In The Garden' PremiereSeriously… what? The big-ass necklace with the sort of waistless dress and ruffled skirt, with a tuxedo jacket over it? With BOWS STICKING OUT OF THE SLEEVES? What was the thinking here? Flapper-Coco-Walk of Shame-Funeral? There’s no way a stylist put this together. This reeks of her pulling random black shit out of her closet and thinking she looked put together. We’re getting more pissed off the more we look at it. Honey, you’re attractive, thin and rich beyond reason. You are NOT, however, innately stylish. Pay someone to put your looks together for you. And if you ARE paying someone to do so (which we sincerely doubt), pull a Naomi and beat them with your cell phone. We’re not even putting this one up to a vote. She’s O to the U-T.

Oh, and honey? The center part cocker spaniel hair is not your friend anymore. Get that shit cut and styled better.

Great. Now, we’re in a bad mood. THANKS A LOT, JULIA.

Don’t worry, kittens. We’ll give you something to vote on later. We just had to put our feet down on this one.


[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans/PR Photos]

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