In or Out: Joely Richardson in Mulberry

Posted on October 31, 2011

After her literal FLAME-SHOOTING appearance on the red carpet the other day had us shrieking “WERQ it!” we were all set to start shrieking once again when these pictures floated in front of us this morning.

But a closer look revealed a far sadder tale. Observe.


Joely Richardson in MulberryJoely Richardson attends the premiere of “Anonymus” in Berlin in a Mulberry gown.

Mulberry Fall 2011 CollectionMulberry Fall 2011 Collection/Model: Ella Kandyba

Joely Richardson in Mulberry

Joely Richardson in Mulberry

We are all about the gold pleated metallic gown here at T Lo Style Ministries Worldwide. But it’s a tricky mistress, that pleated gold metallic gown, and if you don’t style yourself just right, why, it all goes so very wrong. Let’s speak bluntly, yes?

What this needed was something with just a little edge and a little modernity to it. Something a little fresher with the hair and maybe some sort of jacket to wear over it. Lose the belt and the witchy shoes and it could really be a head-turner. And a little tailoring in the bodice would have helped a lot here. So close, Joely. The lesson here is: the gold metallic pleated dress is the plutonium of evening wear. It must be handled very gently. You can go from Joan Crawford to Adult Video Awards just by choosing the wrong shoe.


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IN! She’s a golden goddess, picky bitches!

OUT! Drag queen at an Oscar party!

Voting on Jessica Biel’s “Just touch my cheek before you leave me” dress is still wide open, dolls. As Madge used to say, “Express yourself.”

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