In or Out: Emma Roberts in Miu Miu

Posted on October 21, 2011

Every once in a while, we take the voting as to the INness or OUTness of a particular look out of the hands of our minions. There are times when a couple of bitchy gay bloggers just have to take a stand on the important things.


Emma Roberts in Miu MiuEmma Roberts attends the Brazilian Style celebration at the Swarovski Crystallized Concept Store in New York City in a Miu Miu dress.

Emma Roberts in Miu Miu

Emma Roberts in Miu Miu

Emma Roberts, you are OUT.

There. We said it.

She looks like a roll of 20-year-old Christmas wrapping paper you find in the attic. That is simply not a color that works well as a shimmering metallic; not with her coloring. The high waist is unflattering on her and that flimsy sheer collar irritates us. Hate it. Hate it all.

Minions are free to disagree but we won’t pay attention to you.

Oh, calm down, we’ll have a couple things for you to vote on later. Yes, we’re cranky after last night’s Project Runway.

[Photo Credit: Rob Kim/Getty Images]

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