In or Out: Elizabeth Olsen in Preen & Helmut Lang

Posted on October 20, 2011

We’ve secretly replaced your regular Olsen with the new Elizabeth Olsen with flavor crystals! Let’s see if anyone notices.

Elizabeth Olsen in Preen and Helmut LangElizabeth Olsen attends screening of “Martha Marcy May Marlene” during 34th Annual Mill Valley Film Festival in top and skirt by Preen, Jacket by Helmut Lang, and shoes by Chloe.

Elizabeth Olsen in Preen and Helmut LangPreen Print Funnel Skirt, Helmut Lang Eon Wool Leather Sleeve Jacket

Elizabeth Olsen in Preen and Helmut Lang

Elizabeth Olsen in Preen and Helmut Lang

Look at that sporty little Olsen! Look at that Olsen mixing and matching pieces to great effect! Look at those Olsen feet sporting those cute little oxfords! In case you can’t tell, we think she looks great. Mostly. Love the jacket, skirt and shoes. We’re thinking that high-collared blouse is just a bit too high-collared, an effect only worsened by the heavy necklace. But that’s not the worst mistake in the world. Judging by the background folks, it was a chilly night in Mill Valley. And besides, the overall effect is so cute, youthful, and put-together that we can’t really spend much time focusing on the one weak point. Love this look.


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IN! I didn’t know an Olsen could be so perky!

OUT! I like my Olsens looking like 80-year-old socialites, thank you very much.


The minions argued the merits of Jessica Alba’s droopy boob shirt, but ultimately the vote came down to OUT. No such arguing when it came to Madeleine Stowe lingerie look. The Victoria Grayson fans rose up as one and shouted I AM GOING TO DESTROY YOU!” to anyone who dared to even think of voting her out, leaving the final tally a firm IN.

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