Hollywood Film Awards Red Carpet

Posted on October 25, 2011

Kittens, it was the 15th Annual Hollywood Film Awards Gala presented by Starz at The Beverly Hilton Hotel! Because Hollywood can’t go 20 minutes without giving someone an award!

Let’s see how our celebrities did.


Amber Heard in Roksanda Ilincic

We love the colors here, but that top is a bit too droopy and sad-looking for our tastes.


Andrea Riseborough in Vionnet

Pretty dress. No complaints.


Anne Hathaway in Erdem

Also a pretty dress; also no complaints (except maybe that the shoes are boring).


Anton Yelchin in Balenciaga

You WERQ that Rumspringa shit, boy!

Or maybe not. Amish Pee-Wee is SO not a hot look.


Bryce Dallas Howard

Hasn’t she been pregnant for like a year and a half now? We don’t love red lacey looks, but props to her for even getting out the door.


Carey Mulligan in Bottega Veneta

Chic and adorable. Her hair looks great. But AGAIN with the black peep-toes?


Deena Dill

This kind of looks like something you’d see on Project Runway. It’s simple and striking, but it sure is pulling all over the place.


Elle Fanning in Valentino

We’re all for very young starlets working a fresh-faced look, but with the rather colorless dress, she’s looking way too washed out. At least some powder or something to matte out all that shininess, dear. We’re not sold on the Heidi of the Swiss Alps hair, but we suspect many will declare it adorable.


Emma Stone in Jonathan Saunders

Hair, makeup, and earrings are all great. We might have forgiven the droopy, colorless dress if she hadn’t punctuated it with those TOTALLY WRONG shoes.


Felicity Jones in Valentino

Jesus, is everyone depressed in Hollywood right now? Pretty, but it’s another colorless look, head to toe.


Frances Fisher

Ah, there we go. Trust an older broad to bring the sass and the personality. The hair’s just a skosh on the big side, but we like the dress. We would have recommended a different shoe, though. You can hate us for hating ankle straps, but we stand firm that a black stocking PLUS an ankle strap is too visually bottom-heavy.

Genevieve Farrell

We hate to ding a gal who also brought color but this is a bit too “Christmas Extravaganza” and the hair is way too prom. Cute dress, but simpler hair and more modern shoes were called for. Love the bag.

Glenn Close

Expect Glenn to really bring it to the red carpets in the coming months, because there’s talk of an Oscar nomination and we can’t imagine the gal isn’t going to claw her way through the crowd to get that trophy. She’s waited long enough. Anyway, this is a chic look. You can’t go wrong with a tuxedo jacket over a long skirt. She looks great. A little more color on the face next time, dear.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Very few men can pull off the shiny suit. JGL can.


Julliane Hough in Naeem Khan

She looks like a local news anchor. What is it with this girl and her need to look 20 years older? Seacrest’s team is doing you wrong, girl.


Michelle Williams in Nina Ricci



Missi Pyle

As standard as standard gets. A nightgown.


Octavia Spencer

Aw, girl! Last time your dress didn’t look so hot but your accessories were fabulous; this time your dress looks great and you dropped the ball on the accessories! Focus! This would have looked so great with some more interesting shoes and a showy bag. Love the hair, though.

Rachel Boston

Another nightgown. Some of these ladies really didn’t feel like trying, did they?


Ray Liotta

He looks good, but it looks like that jacket’s a bit too tight.


Rene Ashton

Everything’s looking great – and very coordinated – but those shoes are hooker.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Emilio Pucci

Certainly an interesting shape – and we love the shoes paired with it – but we’re thinking the tight hair wasn’t the way to go here.


Sara Rue in David Meister

Total bridesmaid.


Stacy Kleiber in Maria Lucia Hohan

Man, she’s only got one type of dress, doesn’t she? Still, no complaints here.


Tom Felton

Very cute.


Viola Davis in David Meister

You can always count on Viola to make a statement. We’re not sure we like this color on her all that much. It’s a bit harsh. Love the clutch, though.

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