“Evening With Ralph Lauren” Red Carpet

Posted on October 26, 2011

Kittens, Oprah hosted something called “An Evening With Ralph Lauren” in New York City and none of us were invited. But that’s fine. It makes it easier to judge the people who were. Of course they were all wearing Calvin Klein for the evening.

We joke; they were all head to toe in Ralph Lauren, of course. But wouldn’t it have been funny if they all decided to play a joke on Ralph and show up in Michael Kors or something? This is why no one will ever hire us to be stylists. We’d be too bitchy about it. Anyway, we can’t be too bitchy about anything anyone’s wearing here because they all brought it, big time. Rare is the moment when everyone hits the red carpet looking their best, so we’ll save our bitchiness for another time. Well done, celebrities. Perhaps you should consider having these theme nights more often. Seems to bring out the best in you when you don’t have too many choices.


Barbara Walters

Love the dark purple velvet on her.


Camilla Belle



Jessica Alba

Also stunning.


Kerry Washington

Stunning and FIERCE AS SHIT.


Lauren Bush

A classic, and something that would probably look boring on a flashier red carpet, but it works perfectly here.


Naomi Watts

Ooooh, honey. You were last in the line to pick dresses weren’t you? No one wanted the one that needs constant steaming. Pretty, but she needed to be lowered into the event from a crane if she wanted to avoid those wrinkles.


Uma Thurman

Love the color on her. A bit tight across her boobs, though.


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