Chloe Moretz & Hailee Steinfeld, Electric Youth

Posted on October 24, 2011

Darlings, there was something called a “Power of Youth” event. Should we be concerned? Are the Youth going to rise up and strike down their elders? Are they organizing now? We blame the internet.

We only have one power of our own to wield against the Power of Youth. We have the Power of Middle-Aged Sarcasm. Let’s judge them.

Chloe Moretz at Variety’s 5th annual Power Of Youth Event in Kenzo.

This kind of comment always sets off a firestorm in the comments section, so here goes: Sometimes we wish she’d dress her age.

Oh, it’s not that she’s too adult in a sexy way. It’s just that she seems so… serious with her clothing choices all the time; dressing as if she’s going somewhere to accept an award or make a PowerPoint presentation. Not that she doesn’t look cute here – and certainly the mega-short skirt reads as young – but she’s just so … on all the time.  We appreciate that she’s a young girl who’s suddenly getting all kinds of opportunities to wear whatever borrowed clothes she likes, but sometimes we wish she’d just relax a little. But hey, it’s a cute skirt and a cute top and we like them together, so there’s that. You’re probably thinking, “T Lo, what are you bitching about? She looks put-together and sharp!” And it’s true, she does.

We suppose Hailee’s more along the lines of what we’re trying to say:


Hailee Steinfeld at Variety’s 5th annual Power Of Youth Event in a top by Jil Sander, jacket and boots by Chanel, and jeans by J Brand.

Because, basically, every young  girl, no matter her generation, should go through a brief “Blossom” period, don’t you think? Experimenting with goofy hats and mismatched pieces, trying on everything at once, and spending the rest of her life getting red-faced and wondering what the hell she was thinking whenever pictures like these surface. No one should get through their teen years without at least a couple dorky getups. That jacket needs pins and buttons all over it, honey. And maybe a pair of suspenders is called for here. Or a big plastic flower. Also, a rainbow. Your gay uncles insist you pile on even more mismatched shit, darling. You’ll thank us some day for taking the focus off what’s going on below your knees there.

[Photo Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images, Andrew Evans/PR Photos]

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