Bill and Cathy Cambridge Pose for Charity

Posted on October 17, 2011

We haven’t looked in on those nice Cambridges for some time. Let’s rectify that.

Prince William and Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge attended the Child Bereavement Charity Gala at St. James Palace in London hosted by 100 Women in Hedge Funds. Catherine wears a Beulah London gown.

Beulah London Sarai Dress

We’re always struck by the names of British charity organizations. They’re always so much more blunt and descriptive than the ones in America. “Child Bereavement Charity” would never fly in the U.S. of A. We’d have something much more sentimental and euphemistic, like “Tears of an Angel” or something like that.


Bill continues to wear his father’s suits in cuts that make him look much wider and dumpier than the little polo-playing prince actually is. But Cathy looks great, yes? Very simple and elegant in a slightly retro-’70s kind of way. Not much else to talk about here except to once again point out that she’s one of those rare people who looks good in almost any color, which is why it’s so puzzling that she so rarely wears colors. She defaults to red and blue a lot – which, come to think of it, might just be a sly form of patriotism considering how often she wears white as well – but we’d really love to see her explore greens and deep purples because we think they’d also look great on her.

Still, well done, Cambridges. You take a nice picture.


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