Bag Snob X DKNY Collection

Posted on October 31, 2011

We know you ladies love to talk bags and we two ladies love to talk blogging, so what better subject for us all than one that intersects with both blogging AND accessories, darlings? If you love talking accessories, then you probably already love Bag Snob. And if you don’t know about Bag Snob and love bags, then you might as well resign yourself to the fact that after clicking over to the site, you’re not going to get anything done today.

But first, the fine folks at DKNY have some ‘splaining to do:

“It all started with a tweet back in 2009, or rather a mis-tweet if you will. DKNY PR GIRL noticed a less-than-complimentary post by Bag Snob and was faced with a dilemma: To respond or not to respond? Tapping into her uncanny skill for finding just the right thing to say at just the right moment, DKNY PR GIRL asked, “Haven’t you ever taken a picture of yourself that just doesn’t do you justice?” From there a friendship grew and DKNY PR GIRL soon learned that Bag Snob had actually been a longtime fan of Donna and her collections. Flash-forward to 2011, and this mutual respect has turned into a stylish collaboration: The Bag Snob x DKNY Limited Edition Collection debuting for Resort 2012 and on sale now at select retailers worldwide including of course! The collection features special Bag Snob-approved details, such as pale-gold metal feet, branded Bag Snob x DKNY raspberry jacquard nylon lining, removable shiny pale gold hangtags, and outside pockets for speedy access. Meet “The Tote,” “The Travel,” “The Treasure,” “The Trendy,” and “The Clutch” today!”

Bitchy tweets leading to fabulous collaborations, darlings! What’s not to love? And what’s not to love with this collection of sassy bags?

Bag Snob X DKNY CollectionTrendy Bag


Bag Snob X DKNY CollectionTote


Bag Snob X DKNY CollectionTreasure Bag


Bag Snob X DKNY CollectionClutch


Bag Snob X DKNY CollectionTravel Bag

We love that last travel bag so much that Lorenzo, his childhood dreams of being a Pan Am stewardess recently bubbling back to the surface, declared he MUST have it when he first set eyes on it. In fact, when Tina at Bag Snob asked us to give them our picks for the “Five Essential” bags, we couldn’t NOT include this one, even if it does look like an awful lot of bloggy airkissing when we do it. Tina, bless her, was so excited to hear we were including this one in our picks she nonchalantly e-blurted out, “Do you want one?” HELL YES. And thus, it arrived just today. Lorenzo has declared his intention to curl up and sleep with it tonight. Head on over to the fabulous (and insanely generous) Bag Snob to see what we picked for the other four essentials.

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