American Horror Story Premiere Red Carpet

Posted on October 05, 2011

Darlings, the Ryan Murphy Stable o’ Stars came out to support his new show, American Horror Story. Let’s assess.

Amber Riley

Very cute and perfectly flattering. We’re even going to get behind the matchy shoes.


Carla Gugino

A bit basic, but it suits her. We don’t love the dishwater color, though.

Chris Colfer

Not loving the pairing of a henley collar with a vest. He’s looking a bit like a background player on The Waltons.

Christian Serratos

Bleh. It’s like a million other dresses of its ilk. Too many elements on this one. We hate the crap on the shoulders and the waist is too high.

Cory Monteith

There’s no way he can button that jacket. Wear clothes that fit you, Cory.

Dylan McDermott

Just a bit too mafioso. Tight and shiny with a black shirt is at least one element too far. We might have liked it if the shirt was white and if it all looked like it fit him correctly.

Fiona Gubelman

Kind of a nothing dress. A belt and a sassier pair of shoes could have done wonders here.


Harry Shum Jr.


Jayma Mays in Rachel Zoe and Asos

We don’t love the hair, the sweater’s a bit precious, and we’re not convinced all these pieces go together, but this is the most style we think she’s ever demonstrated.It’s at least a step in the right direction.

Jenna Ushkowitz

Simple but chic. Would have liked to have seen a tiny bit of color somewhere.

Jessica Lange

The dress is a great color and we love the shoes, but we’re not sure the former fits and flatters as well as it should.

Kate Mara

Basic but cute. The shoes are kind of ugly, though.

Lea Michele in Asos

You can give us all the Blue Steel in the world, Lea. We all know you spent the night tugging at that skirt. TOO SHORT, young lady!

Naya Rivera in Intellexual Property

Wow, she looks chic as hell. Love the shoes.

[Photo Credit: Claudio Uema/PR Photos, Wireimage]

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