WERQ: Hugh Jackman

Posted on September 29, 2011

You wouldn’t think there would be anything controversial to say about Hugh Jackman, but we’re gonna give it a shot.

Hugh Jackman at 'Real Steel' PremiereHugh Jackman attends the Australian premiere of “Real Steel” in Sydney, Australia.

Hugh Jackman at 'Real Steel' Premiere

Hugh Jackman at 'Real Steel' Premiere

Hugh Jackman at 'Real Steel' Premiere

We think all men, gay or straight, should have a Hugh Jackman shrine somewhere in their house. Because the thing about Hugh Jackman is, he’s a testament to putting the work in and taking care of yourself, as well as a testament to how the world responds to a well-groomed, fit man who gives off a friendly, non-douchey vibe. We’re just gonna say it: in terms of what God gave him, we’ve always found his looks to be so-so. But he works hard on his body, dresses nicely when he’s supposed to, keeps himself well-groomed, and has a great smile and a nice-guy attitude. Result? The world drops to its knees at the sight of him. Sure, he’s tall and broad-shouldered and has a full head of hair and all that; we’re not denying he has a leg up on the average man, but he wouldn’t be nearly as beloved, or as much a fantasy figure, if he didn’t work as hard as he does to maintain his looks.

You know how a lot of straight ladies sometimes say “Why are gay men all so hot?” Well, they’re not. But the ones they’re talking about are the ones who put a ton of work into their looks. They keep fit, take care of their skin, hair, and teeth, and dress nicely. Western culture tends to deride that sort of thing as being too feminine, which we always found to be a disservice to both genders. It enforces the ideas that women are naturally supposed to take care of their looks, and that men who do so are somehow less of a man.

Anyway, there’s nothing particularly outstanding about this suit, but he’s well-presented (as always) and there’s not a thing to criticize, so you WERQ that shit, Hugh.

[Photo Credit: Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images]

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