WERQ: Christina Ricci in J. Crew

Posted on September 15, 2011

Christina! Hey, girl!

Christina Ricci in J. CrewChristina Ricci attends Nylon Magazine cover dinner in New York City in a J. Crew dress.

hristina Ricci in J. Crew

hristina Ricci in J. CrewWe just wanted to tell you that we still kind of hate that cover and we’ll always maintain that you shouldn’t wear your hair back, but that doesn’t matter because we think that dress looks adorable on you and we kind of love the copper metallic pumps paired with it, oh, and also your makeup is fabulous, so you WERQ that covergirl moment, girl!

‘kay, bye! Enjoy the party!


EDITED TO ADD: For some reason (maybe a lot of newcomers) the commentariat seems to have decided it’s okay to make fun of someone’s physical characteristics. It’s not okay here and it never has been. We had to, for the first time in this blog’s history, actually close a comments section this week permanently due to the overwhelmingly nasty comments. Please knock it the hell off.

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