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Posted on September 01, 2011

Who’s up for some good Polish vodka? The Bitter Kittens are!

35mm Music Club at the Multikino Złote Tarasy Cinema in Warsaw, Poland designed by Robert Majkut.

Yes, dolls, we’re dashing off to Warsaw and you’re all coming with us. We’ll all squeeze into First Class and annoy the air waitresses with our cheeky drunkenness.

Designer Kenneth Cole and Zanna Roberts, Senior Fashion Editor of Marie Claire Magazine.

Zanna’s a fun guest judge. Much better than Joanna Coles, that’s for sure. Does this mean we’re Nina-less this evening?


Duchess, we fear you may have run out of bitchy bon mots. “A teletubby at a party” is not your best line. Of course, that opinion could change once we see what it is you’re talking about. We have several pairs of Kenneth Cole shoes and a couple of his manbags and we have to say, “Avant Garde” is not the phrase that comes to mind with his name. Not that the judge needs to match the challenge exactly. Although the avant garde challenges are always fun for bringing the crack and the pressure to our little dancing seamstresses. Throw in a cheating charge and it looks like we might need to get drunk this evening. Check our tweets to see if we’re still coherent at 10:15.

So, in honor of our own personal hell (i.e., 4 weeks of pre-Fashion Week dieting): What’s your favorite carb?

No, really. We’re dreaming about spaghetti and french fries pretty much on a nightly basis now.

[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for myLifetime.com, worldarchitecturenews.com]

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