In or Out: Rose Byrne in Christine Alcalay

Posted on September 22, 2011

We smell a trend and we don’t like it.

Forget the silly putty shoes and errand-running hair; the inappropriate sheers and mullet hems. For now, at least. The issue of the moment is indecisive starlets and/or lazy gays. People just don’t know how to take a stand on the important things anymore, dammit. Stylists, you should know that starlets have a huge list of things to worry about; who to sleep with, whether marrying a closeted gay will be good for their career or not, what color panty looks best when you’re getting out of a limo; whether to gain weight or wear a prosthetic nose in order to get the nomination; stuff like that. They just don’t have the time to figure out how to dress. That’s YOUR job. And if you throw dress after dress at her and the poor dear still can’t make up her mind, then it’s time for you to find your balls (figurative and/or literal) and make the call. Pick ONE dress.

Rose Byrne in Christine AlcalayRose Byrne attends celebration of Gotham magazine’s September issue in New York City in a Christine Alcalay dress paired with Aldo “Botkin” pumps.

Rose Byrne in Christine AlcalayChristine Alcalay Spring 2012 Collection

Rose Byrne in Christine Alcalay

Rose Byrne in Christine Alcalay

Rose Byrne in Christine Alcalay

NOT four dresses stitched together.

We’re putting our bitchy feet down right now. We’re drawing a line in the sand. This is your Rubicon, bitches: NO FRANKENDRESSES. ABSOLUTELY NOT.



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IN! Edgey and unique, bitches!

OUT! Where’s a torch and a pitchfork when you need one?

In other news, Kerris Dorsey’s version of babychic got a full-throated IN from the commentariat.

[Photo Credit: Marc Stamas/Getty Images]

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