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Posted on September 09, 2011


How about THAT episode, kittens? With the fighting and the sewing and the crying? And that ONE dress! What were they THINKING? Oh, and that Josh. You just want to throw him off a pier, don’t you? Why, when he said that thing to that other designer and then he went behind their back and said that OTHER thing! What a BITCH!

Okay, we still haven’t seen the episode yet.

But we did get to watch Oscar de la Renta sing with a mariachi band and then have Sarah Jessica Parker show up to hug her support for him, so there’s that. Also, Marisa Berenson at the Donna Karan store. That was fun. Especially since we can’t look at her without uttering, “Der plegma. Dat comes in der tubes.” And if you don’t get that reference, shame on you.

So, yeah. We missed an episode of Project Runway just so we could gawk at fashion luminaries in person. Sue us. You would too.

So congratulations Anya! We have no idea why this rather boring look won. You tell us, kittens. Were all the other entries destroyed by fire or something? We don’t get it.

It’s not bad at all. The print is pretty fabulous and we love the cap sleeves and twisted leather belt. It’s chic and very wearable. It just doesn’t look like a design competition winner to us.

And a sad sayonara to Becky, who was apparently the can in a designer game of Kick the Can this season. Again, we can’t really compare this to any of the other entries, but we will say, it’s kind of dreary-looking.

The top half looks like cheap office wear and has no real design elements to speak of, as far as we can see. It’s as plain as plain gets.

And while the skirt is admittedly kind of cute, it’s also kind of – no, VERY – Stephen Sprouse from about 25 years ago, right down to the “font.” It’s not that graffiti-style prints can’t ever be done because some other designer is well known for them; it’s just that this print really does look like an exact ripoff of Sprouse’s (pun kind of intended) signature style. We suppose she wasn’t solely responsible for the print design, though. We have no idea what bullshit the judging panel spewed to justify their decision this week (which is quite refreshing, actually), but unless there were g-strings and chicken feathers walking that runway, we can easily see how this placed on the bottom.

But these are just initial impressions based on almost no information at all. We’re going to watch the episode at some point tonight and we’ll be slinging the bitchery first thing tomorrow morning. For now, you can vent about how much you hate Josh. That never gets old. Also, we are, at this very moment, heading off to Lincoln Center to see the 42 collections from the remaining designers, at least 3 of whom are finalists and one of whom will be declared the winner of Project Runway by this afternoon. Of course we don’t get to find out who until the finale actually airs, but check our tweets obsessively this morning because we’re going to tweet the shit out of all 64 collections, or until our thumbs fall off, whichever comes first.

And then check back later when we’ll have all the pictures of all the pieces from all 112 collections. We’ll also be throwing up (bad choice of words) several posts on some of the Fashion Week collections we’ve seen so far and maybe a couple posts about celebrities wearing clothes we don’t approve of. In other words, a typical day here at TLo International Style Luminaries, International.

Now go ahead and bitch to your heart’s content. We’ll have FAR more to say once we’ve seen the episode.

[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/ – Screencaps:]

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