PR: When will we share Precious Moments?

Posted on September 18, 2011

We figured we’d give Precious Moments his own little un-precious moment in the sun this week, since, despite his middle-of-the-road showing, he’s the one everyone wants to talk about.


Not to get all preachy in a post we’re determined not to take seriously, but there was some discussion about Olivier in the context of him being a gay man and freaking out over the idea of non-models wearing his clothing. Kittens, don’t lay that at the feet of gay men. Bert had no problem dressing a non-model; nor did Josh or Anthony or Viktor, for that matter. No, Olivier didn’t react in the stupidest manner possible because he’s gay; he did so because he’s an idiot.

Or, perhaps more accurately, he’s a child. Our first impulse, when he started spouting lines like “I don’t like women to have boobs, I just want them to be flat,” was to get angry, but when he got around to opining that he just wants women to come to him without opinions and keep their mouths shut because he’s never worked with clients before, we started to laugh and couldn’t stop. He has no experience with the world and it was pretty clear every time he opened his mouth.

Especially when things started falling apart for him and the couple he was working with took a hilarious parental, pat-on-the-head, “isn’t he just adorable when he tries to think” approach to his behavior. In other words, they couldn’t take him seriously and neither could we.

Besides, the entertainment value of his accent shifting wildly the higher his stress levels went cannot be overstated. He was mere seconds away from lapsing into a full-on “Dick van Dyke in Mary Poppins” version of cockney. “Oi, guv’nor, whoy cahn’t yew get youah woife to do whut h’I say? Am I bovvered? Too bloody right, mate! Sod off! Blimey!”

Come on, that would have been glorious.

And what made it truly entertaining and ironic was that she not only had a pretty slamming bod, but he turned out his best work in the competition.

These aren’t Olivier’s normal “fashion under glass” garments. For the first time in the competition, he produced something that was wearable and interesting without looking like an experiment with fabric.

Perfect? Not by a long shot. We’re not even going to go so far as to say it’s good.

But these are recognizable garments that, had they been tweaked and finished to perfection, would have looked interesting and even a little flattering on her. No, the bust isn’t supporting her babies all that well and the pants are a little too balloony for her body type.

And all that pleating and folding in the front is a bit overdone.

But the top was interesting, both front and back, and the idea behind both it and the pants was pretty solid, from a design point of view, as well as a style one. Although we think the pants would have worked better with either a slimmer cut, or as a wider straight leg pant.

But had this look been executed and fitted to perfection, we suspect he could have landed in the Top 3. It wasn’t a department store dress and that would have been a huge point in his favor.

We doubt very much little Precious Moments had the ability to recognize this, but the very fact of having to deal with a real woman (as opposed to a dress form or a model paid to do what she’s told, which are his obvious preferences as to who should be wearing his clothes) with a real brain and real preferences and ideas, forced him into making a much better garment than if he’d been left to his own devices.

[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/ – Screencaps:]

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