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Posted on September 12, 2011

For all the ugliness and nastiness of this episode, we at least got to see a team that actually worked well together and produced interesting garments. We can all bitch about how oxygen-sucking Drama Vortexes make episodes like this tough to watch, but at least the right team won and the judges didn’t award bad behavior.

Unfortunately, that means we don’t have much to say about the team.

We said the other day, when we hadn’t watched the episode yet, that we didn’t understand why the judges awarded the win to this cute, competently made dress, but it seems the win came down to the fact that Anya was the only designer on the team who got two votes; her own and Bryce’s. Since all the designers but Bryce voted for themselves, we can thank him for giving her the win. That’s more than a little lame. It’s not supposed to be a popularity contest. Don’t get us wrong; in many ways this show IS a popularity contest, but technically it’s supposed to be a show about a design competition.

It’s a good design, though. We like the way she integrated both prints. It’s subtle enough that they don’t clash with each other. It helps that the prints are all black and white. Love the sleeves.

No time for screencapping this week, so you’ll have to go on memory when we say that we loved the back of the top. We think this was definitely Bryce’s best look yet. He didn’t integrate two prints as well as Anya did, but we like the black trim in the shorts. It’s not enough of a wow look to impress the judges completely, but we think he managed to show them that he still deserves to be in the competition even if there were quite a few missteps along the way.

The judges rightly praised that jacket but we think they overpraised it a bit. It’s beautifully designed, but we don’t think it’s tailored as well as the Duchess said it was. It looks to us like it could have been fitted a bit better. We also think the pleating makes it look a bit heavy. We also wish it hadn’t been rendered in typical Olivier grey, although we do like the contrasting lapels.

Let us never speak of those horrible pants again.

This is a super-cute look from Anthony. Love that skirt. We don’t really love the print used for the top and while we like the pop of color, we’re not crazy about the bow. The taupe sash around the waist is a nice touch, though. The styling is awful. It’s awful across the board with this team, but this one has to be the worst. She’s all sassy, cute girl from the neck down and mental patient from the neck up.

Viktor has been slowly establishing himself as a thoughtful, talented designer. This look just sealed the deal. Absolutely the best thing on the runway. But correct us if we’re wrong, the inkblot print wasn’t something that came out of an HP printer, right? It was hand made. Considering the ridiculously blatant product placement in this episode, with “HP” being uttered practically every 30 seconds, there was no way a win was going to be handed to someone who just pointed out that handmade almost always trumps computer-generated. A shame for Viktor, but at least he showed the audience and the judges that he can whip up something chic and covetable when he puts his mind to it.

Saturday night, we attended a Project Runway reunion party hosted by HP with more PR designers past and present in attendance than we’ve ever seen in one room (pictures to come). We mostly kept far away from this year’s crop because it’s kind of hard to socialize with people who you just called sociopaths on your blog that week (or assholes the week before) and you know you have several more weeks of writing pretty much the same thing ahead of you. We did take one designer aside to tell him/her that his/her finale collection was our favorite. He/she was not only gracious about it, but told us he/she loved all the bitchy things we were saying and totally got the jokes. That’s always nice. Anyway, the point is, they had all these looks set up on dress forms for the party, and while they were well made and looked good from several feet away, we couldn’t get past the fact that they’re all made out of cheap printed cotton fabric. This stuff looks good on your TV but we can’t imagine anyone wanting to wear it. They looked like dresses made out of pillowcases.


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