Posted on September 10, 2011

Kittens, you have no idea how odd it is for us to read at least a thousand comments and messages about an episode of Project Runway that we haven’t seen. Being out of the loop on anything Project Runway related is not something we’ve ever really experienced. Of course, sitting on the edge of a hotel bed putting a PR post together on about 3 hours of sleep is pretty new to us as well.

And everyone wants to know what T Lo thinks of Josh. Well, we think he’s a fabulously talented designer and a truly warm and gifted human being.



He’s graduated past mere “Drama Queen” status (because, as queens, we are offended by any term that places us alongside him) and is in full on Drama Vortex mode. A Drama Vortex is someone who isn’t merely histrionic, but completely sociopathic in their need for constant attention and to be the #1 Bitch in the room at all times.  If a Drama Queen can be compared to a thunderstorm, a Drama Vortex is then a Category 5 hurricane, with accompanying earthquakes and sprouting volcanoes. Drama Queens can be irritating but occasionally amusing; Drama Vortexes are toxic in all things and every relationship. If we had a friend who introduced Josh to us as their new boyfriend, we wouldn’t even be polite about it. Right in front of him we’d say, “Get out. Now. The crazy is coming from inside the house.”

But as we watched the episode, we couldn’t help agreeing with what Bert said about Josh a couple weeks ago. It’s not worth getting upset about him because he’s such an embarrassment to himself. It’s like he’s walking around the room like a strutting cock (in any sense of the word you’d like) and not realizing he’s pissing his pants in front of everyone.

And we really do hate to get too personal about these people but we’ve been blogging reality TV for too long and heard too many insider stories from too many people, so we’re just gonna come out and say what we feel to be true: all this “My mother is dead” stuff is pure calculation on his part. Josh is many things, but he’s not stupid. He knows, as do most people who get on this show now, that a combination of scene-stealing jackassery and heartstring-tugging backstory will guarantee his place in the competition right up to the end. Get mad at him if you want to, but know that you’re giving both him and the producers of this show exactly what they want.

The concept for this collection was weak, confusing, and too literal all at the same time. The video, and some of the messaging made it sound like they were going for a frantic, life-in-the-city, go, go, go kinda vibe, but they realized that by … clock pieces. That is just about as lame as it gets. Curiously, they had the more cohesive collection and the better styling.

As for the rest of the team, we’ll do this quick-style:

Bert is back in our good graces. He’s cranky like only a middle-aged queen can be, but he’s lost the nastiness that characterized his earlier relationships. We thought he acted maturely and appropriately dismissive of Josh’s ridiculous behavior. BELIEVE US, you don’t get to be an out middle-aged gay man without meeting (and dating)  PUH-LENTY of Joshes. He’s seen it all before and, like us, has no time or interest in any of it.

Laura is turning back to her Kewl Kids, Mean Girl persona. Talking dismissively about a teammate’s work behind her back and with a member of the opposing team is just pure shittery, top to bottom.

Kimberley we love more than ever. Like Bert, she had no time or interest in any of the bullshit and she was smart enough to realize that the prints they were using were going to put them in the bottom, so she just opted not to use them.

Becky, we’re sorry to say, is too passive-aggressive and unwilling to stand up for herself. It’s not just go-along-to-get-along, like we originally assumed. It’s not having the confidence to stand up for yourself as a person and as a designer. That doesn’t mean she deserved any poor treatment, but she didn’t do anything to make it stop or to make it clear that people were out of bounds. You don’t face a bully by being nice and hoping they’ll change.

And, having seen the episode, we’re completely on board with the judges’ decision. This was absolutely the weakest look on that runway; so free of design elements that it wasn’t designed at all. And the fact that she made multiple versions of the same pieces just to try and please her teammates did not speak well of her as a designer. You have to fight for yourself and stand up for your point of view.

As jumpsuits go, Laura’s wasn’t bad at all. The proportions are just right and we like some of the touches, like the way the straps are attached and the wisely minimal use of the print in the belt.

Bert’s dress was a pretty good design rendered in a fabric that took it way down on the fabulous scale. Plus, the hem was just too long. It’s beautifully constructed, but he would have been better off using more of the solid fabrics in the design.

Kimberley’s is just okay. Some interesting elements, like the shape of the skirt and the blue panel at the waist, but the proportions are off (skirt both too short and too wide) and the fabric choice for the skirt was kind of ugly.

Josh’s was a close second to Becky’s in the race to the bottom. We’ll give him credit for that jacket, which is an interesting design, even if it does feel a bit unfinished and half-assed. His blouse is just as undesigned as Becky’s is and the pants – both the print (which he created) and the cut – are much, much worse than her skirt. But you can’t accuse of him of not standing up for his designs and at least he had one interesting piece in the look. As much as we would like to see him go, it’s a design competition and Becky sent something down that runway that was both underdesigned and not particularly representative of her point of view, just because she kept re-doing it in order to get approval from other people.

[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/ – Screencaps:]

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