PR: Ripping the Collections – Olivier

Posted on September 28, 2011

Precious Moments never got the chance during the competition to show the judges what he’s capable of. Or at least, what he prefers to do. He struggled mightily (to our eternal annoyance) with pretty much all the constraints of producing a garment in a gameshow setting and under gameshow rules. To our thinking, if he couldn’t get this collection right, then all his whining during the competition could be seen as cover for his lack of talent. He didn’t really hit anything out of the park, but he did show that he’s got a point of view and some worthy ideas.


That coat is gorgeous. We might have liked those pants but they’re too high and badly fitted. The top feels like an afterthought.

Another great jacket. Another not-so-great pair of pants. Another top that’s so much of an afterthought it doesn’t exist at all. Sure, you can send a model topless down a runway for effect, but if you’ve only got ten looks to show, it just feels half-assed.

Please don’t ask us to explain the crazy eyebrows.

A really cool vest and an almost imaginary dress.

Are you detecting a theme here? He’s great at jackets, coats, and vests and doesn’t seem to care much about anything else.

This is one of the sharper looks in the collection. We appreciate his use of leather in a lot of these looks but we don’t think he’s as skillful in the execution of it as he seems to think.

Another pretty great jacket, which we suppose is more of a top. For all his bitching on the show about having to fit non-model bodies, we can’t say his fit when working with models is anything to write home about. That sheer skirt looks awful and unfinished.

This would have been really great if it fit her better. We suppose at this point we could believe that this is his aesthetic, loosely fitted clothes, but we don’t think so. We just don’t think he knows how to fit.

We simply don’t believe this is a finished look. And if it is, the proportions are awful.

The pants are kind of cool in a (surprisingly) rock and roll sort of way, but just like his fit issues, we think his tendency to pair one showpiece with one half-assed piece is less about point of view and more about a collection that’s only half-finished.

Another pretty great look. We’re not crazy about the asymmetry of the hem, though and the skirt doesn’t fit in the opposite direction: it’s too tight.

Interesting, if kind of ugly top; half-assed skirt in an ugly fabric.

Does he have a point of view? Yes; a sort of minimalist attempt at a colorless avant garde. We can appreciate that, but the very same time management and fit issues highlighted during the competition are more than evident here. He’s got a great eye for designing jackets, coats and vests and perhaps he should continue pursuing that as his focus. But he really needs to learn how to master fit and tailoring. His work really suffers from the lack of it.



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