PR: Ripping the Collections – Bryce

Posted on September 25, 2011

It’s time for that annual T Lo tradition of ripping the Project Runway decoy collections, darlings!
Not to be mean, but we don’t think anyone in that tent believed for a second that Bryce was presenting anything other than a decoy collection. He’d failed to wow the judges in pretty much every challenge and even though he was still in the competiton on TV, the collective feeling in the tent was that he would be leaving soon. Knowing what we know now, and how he responded when he was eventually auf’d, we think Bryce just wanted to show the judges and the world that he could make beautiful, sophisticated clothes. His collection was surprisingly low-key and showed more sophistication than anything he produced during the competition.

It was, however, not without its problems.

We responded really well to his color palette of black, off-white and a sort of minty green. We like the jacket quite a bit, especially the leather closures, but we can’t express enough how much we dislike that skirt. Assuming that it’s supposed to look like it’s falling apart (which is not at all a firm assumption), we don’t think the “ripped lingerie” effect of the skirt works with such a heavy top.

This struck us as a cute, modern look. It might have been fitted a little better, especially the shorts, but the proportions and silhouette work quite well. We just don’t like the strip of leather running down the front. That seems to be something of a thing for this collection; a juxtaposition of heavy and light. We get it on an intellectual level, but something got lost in the execution, we think.

We’re almost embarrassed to admit that this was probably our favorite look; not because there’s anything heinously wrong about it (although the top could be fitted better), but because it’s the most traditional look in the collection.

Can’t say we responded well to this one at all. He tried to do something interesting with that skirt, but we don’t like rolled pleats in pretty much any instance, let alone when the look sloppy and throw off the silhouette. The top isn’t bad, but it’s a bit underdesigned. Then again, the skirt’s a bit overdesigned, so maybe the top was the right choice. And is that denim? It’s coming out of left field.

We like the poncho very much (although slits for the arms would have made a hell of a lot more sense. Those pants, on the other hand, are painful. They should have been in a contrasting color and that seam running down the front is crazy unflattering. We won’t even get into the poor fit. A black skinny pant would have worked so much better here.

Enh. Upscale nightgown. And not even that upscale.

Far too simple for a runway show. Minimalism was all the rage this season, but there’s a very fine line between minimalist and boring. Guess which side this falls on? He could have at least dressed this up in the styling.

This all works quite well, actually. Nothing to get too excited about, but the use of leather (or pleather, given how shiny it is) and the exaggerated shoulders bump it up from being boring or underdesigned.

Decoy or not, we would expect anyone to put a little more effort in than this when you’re showing pieces at a New York Fashion Week show.

Its not a bad dress, but that’s pretty much the definition of “damning with faint praise.”

We think Bryce has some ideas but doesn’t quite know yet who he is as a designer. This collection was both underdesigned and all over the place. The only through-line was the color story (which he seems to have abandoned halfway through the collection) and the use of leather. The nightgowny pieces weren’t interesting enough to be anything but, well, nightgowns. The silhouettes were all over the place and we wish he’d found more ways to use that pale green to effect. It had the feel of someone who had a germ of an idea, but didn’t know how to follow through on it.

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