PR: Pure Middle of the Road

Posted on September 20, 2011

Yes, there are still looks to discuss from last week’s Project Runway, kittens. Let’s get to it.


Ooooh, Kimberley, girl. We want to applaud your every move because you’re just so refreshingly drama-free, but we can’t really get behind this one.
That’s a pretty great top, all things considered. And it’s totally in the Kimberley mold.

But we question whether the top was the right choice for this gal. That’s a lot of volume for such a tiny little curvy thing.

Although we’ll grant that she worked it and from certain angles it looked pretty okay.

This was not one of those angles.

A slimmer, slightly longer skirt without a huge industrial zipper running right up her ass crack might have saved this look. But Kimberley seems to like these heavy, textured metallics. We think a simple pencil skirt in a lighter fabric would have pulled this look together. As it is, there’s volume up top and a little bit of volume on the bottom, and that’s too much volume for one look on this gal.

The way Laura was bragging about her dress while trashing most of the others in the room had us thinking she was going to spring some sort of couture surprise on the runway.

Instead it was a shitty prom dress.

First rule of Project Runway: If you’re going to bring the smack talk, you better have the goods to back it up.

In retrospect, all that “I made a Barbie dress because she’s a total Barbie” sounds like ass-cover for the fact that, well, she made a Barbie dress. Just because your client has juvenile fantasies doesn’t mean you as the designer have to indulge them.

Although she sure seemed pleased and proud with the result. As much as she might have tried to lay this one at her client’s feet, we think there’s plenty of Laura in here. It’s a simple, pretty gown. It’s also identical to thousands of others in bridal and prom stores all over the country.

And what on earth is going on under that skirt? Is she smuggling nuclear codes out of the building or something?

[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/ – Screencaps:]

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