PR: Nothing says “Rockstar” like a pretty blouse and blazer

Posted on September 27, 2011

Oh God. Let’s just get this over with.

We have absolutely no recollection of this look.
We kind of love this guy because he’s laughing his ass off in every picture. Wouldn’t you?

“Who looks ridiculous? THIS guy!”

That fabric is hideous, but we like the red piping and the stand-up collar.

And everything’s fairly well made, although the pants didn’t fit him at all.

And that fringe looks like an incongruous last-minute addition.

Anthony’s such a little theme gay. Look at him with his widdle tie-dye and his widdle headband! Adorable!
So why the hell didn’t he make an outfit like that for his guy? It actually looks modern standing next to that poor guy in his summer school teacher’s blouse.

It is HILARIOUS how everyone made an outfit that was part ladywear and part Bradywear.

That jacket and scarf are totally lady. You might as well pair them with a matching pocketbook and sensible pair of pumps.

The fringe is totally Brady.

Supposedly trained designers: you can’t just tack fringe onto anything.

Blanche Devereux would like her blazer and scarf back in the same condition it was when she lent it to you, and Blanche don’t do no fringe.

More credit where it’s due: the pants are well made.

Although the flare on the bottom is off the charts. We presume that’s where he keeps his bongs.

And sure, the shirt looks a little “American Psycho,” but that’s actually a good thing. It’s at least a little more rock and roll than the jacket and scarf.

Bert’s all, “Remind me never to help out any of you little shits again.”

[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/ – Screencaps:]

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