PR: Judging the Judges

Posted on September 23, 2011

All right, you judgmental bitches. Its your turn to be assessed. Sit still and LIKE IT.

Well…he’s Adam Lambert. How do you score that? He’s dressed like Adam Lambert. That’s the schtick. Nothing wrong with the look and it suits him just fine, but it’s as much a uniform as Kors’ black t-shirt and sports coat. We’re abstaining from scoring him. Mainly because his fans are frightening on Twitter.

“What do you mean, you’re “surprised” to find out he’s such a good judge, @tomandlorenzo? Adam Lambert is a wonderful human being and performer who blahblahblah140charactersBLAH!”

“@tomandlorenzo, why aren’t you commenting on @adamlambert??!?!?!?”

“You better not say anything mean about @adamlambert, @tomandlorenzo! I LOVE him and he might fuck me someday!!!!!!”

Oh, fine. Score 7/10. A little shaking up of the status quo would have been nice to see.

Aquilano Rimondi top, Balenciaga pants, vintage belt, and Alexander Wang shoes.

Aquilano Rimondi Fall 2011 CollectionAquilano Rimondi Fall 2011 Collection

She must have felt she needed the shiny if she’s was going to be sitting between Heidi and Adam Lambert. A fantastic, TV-ready top paired with neutral, flattering pants and a kickass pair of shoes. The lady knows what she’s doing. Score: 8/10.

The black one-shoulder mini-dress is becoming as much a uniform for her as Kors’ getup is for him. Not that she can’t rock the look, but we’re really tired of seeing it from her. You’re the one that’s supposed to bring the glamour to the judging panel, Heidi. And we’re sorry, but your butterfly jewelry is tacky. Score: 5/10. A little effort next time, mkay?


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