PR: Give me an A!

Posted on September 19, 2011

The judges nailed it: cheerleader uniform.

You could argue that, at worst, this is a simple but relatively inoffensive dress. It’s got a certain retro style to it and it does suit her to a T.


But that’s the problem. Anthony essentially remade a couple of dresses that were once part of her wardrobe. He took a series of specific requests and put them all together to make a dress. How he couldn’t see that he’d reduced his role down to dressmaker surprises us. Anyone who’s watched just one season of PR would know that you’re supposed to design something for the client, not take orders from them.

Not that these two were anything but very sweet and even accomodating. This was all Anthony. For whatever reason, he eagerly and willingly ceded all designing responsibilities. The more we think about it, the odder it seems.


Sure, it’s got some of his fingerprints on it. It is, after all, a cute, graphic dress, which is what he tends to want to do most of the time. But it’s also the blandest thing he’s produced yet. He’s not always to our tastes, but there’s usually a sassiness underlying his designs; a sense of the personality of the girl who wears it. This is just too generic; too obviously a recreation of something else.

What was most telling was that the one element that might have taken it away from looking like a uniform, the print around the waist, was covered up in the worst way possible; a hastily made white belt that looks like it came from a drum majorette’s uniform. We’re not saying the print would have turned this dress around, but it would have saved it from looking generic and it would felt more like an Anthony dress.

Oh, Jesus. Color us mega-confused about the reception this dress got from all quarters.

Look, we’re sick and tired of being all “THE JUDGES!!!! RAAAAAAA!!!!” all the time. Some days, we just want to kick back and say “It’s reality TV. Relax.” But MAN, do these bitches make it hard for us.

We look at all this … STUFF going on here — the print, the sheer panels  around the edges, the one shoulder, the asymmetrical skirt, the SLEEVE, and that incredibly busy belt/sash — and remember that Bryce’s very simple pink dress was criticized for having too many elements.

Seriously, now.

We’ll give it credit for exactly one thing: this is NOT a dress you could pick up in any department store. On that basis alone, we can kidasorta see it scoring high.

And in our imaginary perfect Project Runway world, the judges would have said something like, ” Anya, this dress is a mess and you need to learn to edit and make clothes other than something you yourself would wear. But we’ll give you points for doing something different and having a point of view. Now get off my runway.”

Instead it was all “BRAVA! I LOVE this dress! I LOVE what you did there by adding all that crap to it! GENIUS!”

And we think this gal got a little caught up in the fervor of the moment because we did not believe for one second that this dress was exactly the kind of dress she wanted for herself. Everything about her indicated otherwise and besides, that would be a mighty big coincidence; that her style just happened to be exactly Anya’s style.

She’s made a couple interesting things, but we think Anya takes it this season for being the most vastly overpraised of the designers. Josh might not have deserved the win this week and might get away with a lot, but the judges recognize his worst tendencies and when he won, it was for really well-made garments that we found either too simple or just not to our taste. But the way the judges fall all over Anya is totally puzzling to us. She’s got a very narrow point of view, her execution is questionable at best, and she has a terrible need to edit her work. Why are we not hearing this from the judges?

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