PR: Cindy Braidy and Post-Rehab Shaggy

Posted on September 26, 2011

Who’s a little teapot? YOU are!





Look, we’ll freely admit that Bert’s entry was definitely one of the better ones and that he made some smart decisions, but we’re still finding it hard to work up the words to discuss any of these looks. The stiltwalker challenge remains our pick for the very worst Project Runway challenge ever, but the more we look at these horrifyingly bad getups, the more we’re leaning toward the Sheepdog challenge as a close second.

We burst out laughing when he came out with those adorable little Cindy Brady braids, but we take Nina’s point that at least Bert gave him a definable look. We think “Viking” is overstating it quite a bit, but at least he doesn’t look like an early ’70s cartoon character.

On a more analytical level, we think the monochromatic aspect of the look isn’t a point in his favor and the Dorothy Zbornak-style jacket was both too feminine and kind of impractical for a bass player.

The absolute best piece was that pair of pants. Lambert said they looked a bit too literally ’60s (which is an almost pointless critique in light of the fact that EVERY look was like that), but we disagree. Striped jeans are a ’60s thing, but the deep colors and relatively slim cut of the pants took them to a more interpretive, less literal place. They were also the most flattering, best tailored pants on that runway.

Hey, remember when Shaggy sold Scooby to a lab in order to get cash to score some heroin, got busted, and then got into a work release program waiting tables at Denny’s? Good times.

And remember how they forced him to wear lady blouses in order to humiliate him?

And then he auditioned for Godspell but he was so nervous he was facing the wrong way the whole time?

Oh, Miss Kimberley. Where did it all go so wrong? Judging by your expression here, it was some point prior to this picture being taken.

Poor Shaggy. He looks like he wants to cry.

If we cut her some slack on the ridiculously bad pants and the ugly fabric for the top, that still doesn’t explain the lady buttons and scalloped collar. What was she thinking?

She’s still one of our favorites, but she was damn lucky there were – as unbelievable as it seems – worse looks on that runway. Kimberley, we know you’ve got it in you. Please come roaring back this week with something that blows those bitchy judges out of their chairs. This season desperately needs a wow moment and you’re just the gal to bring it.


[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/ – Screencaps:]

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