Paz de la Huerta for Agent Provocateur

Posted on September 01, 2011


One that truly plays to her strengths:



THAT is freaking hilarious. Kudos to whoever came up with this collaboration because paying Paz to flash her panties, while similar to paying a person with diarrhea to sit on a toilet, is nonetheless a brilliant idea.

“We always try and choose girls that are true Agent Provocateurs, and she definitely is AP through and through,” said Sarah Shotton, the brand’s creative director. “She’s got an amazing body and she’s naturally very, very sexy.”

“… and she can’t finish a sentence without showing her nipples!”

Paz de la Huerta for Agent Provocateur
Paz de la Huerta for Agent Provocateur
Paz de la Huerta for Agent Provocateur
Paz de la Huerta for Agent ProvocateurNo, really. We think this campaign is a genius idea. What better way to sell a line of lingerie than a series of photos playing on the starlet predilection for panty-flashing? And what better person to flash her panties than Paz, who should probably be in the Guinness Book for most public panty flashes? In fact, we really should have nicknamed her Panty Paz a while ago. We’re ashamed it didn’t occur to us until now.

Well done, Agent Provocateur, well done. But so help us god, if she lands a cosmetics contract we’re going to LOSE IT.

We are, however, open to the idea of a Pez contract. A Paz Pez dispenser would be the must-have of the season, darlings!

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