In or Out: Madonna in Vionnet

Posted on September 02, 2011

Madonna has disappointed us in many ways this decade, but if there’s one thing the old gal still really knows how to do…

Madonna attends the ‘W.E.’ premiere during the 68th Venice Film Festival in a Vionnet gown. Sunglasses by Miu Miu.

…It’s making a superstar’s entrance.

We really love this look. That blue-grey looks fantastic on her, especially with the bright pops of red. Love the sunglasses and the hair, which come strangely close to her look during the “Desperately Seeking Susan” era. Unfortunately, the dress is way too long on her and its pulling across her stomach. She’s freaking Madonna. She couldn’t get this thing altered to her liking? Also, the shoes are kind of clunky and obvious and the back is doing some strange things around the butt. Still, even with some slight reservations, we have to applaud the look because with Madonna, it’s all about the initial impact. It’s a look that turns heads immediately.

Make your meow heard, Bitter Kittens!
IN! Superstar!

OUT! Kind of lumpy and ill-fitting, no?


Evan Rachel Woods’ crisp, clean, androgynous Grace Kelly getup got an unreserved IN from the commentariat.


[Photo Credit: Ian Gavan, Frederic Nebinger, Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

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