In or Out: Emily Blunt in Christian Cota

Posted on September 11, 2011

Darlings, we’ve been dashing from Fashion Week event to Fashion Week event, indulging in a little glamour because for the other 50 weeks out of the year, we’re sitting at our desks in boxer shorts with cats on our lap 15 hours out of the day. That’s fabulous for us, but you poor dears are going without a chance to express your bitchy opinions about celebrities on the red carpet and that’s just wrong. A Bitter Kitten needs a chance to be bitchy like a baby needs a tit in its mouth, so let’s get to it.

Emily Blunt in Christian CotaEmily Blunt attends Dinner and After-Party for “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen” hosted by BlackBerry in Toronto in a mountaineer embroidered jumpsuit by Christian Cota.

Christian Cota Fall 2011 CollectionChristian Cota Fall 2011 Collection/Model: Julia Johansen

Emily Blunt in Christian Cota

Emily Blunt in Christian Cota

Emily Blunt in Christian Cota

Ohhhhhh, Sweetie. This is SO not the look for you. And it pains us to say that because we adore her and think she can wear practically anything. It looks kind of cool on the model on the runway; a slightly quirky look with some disco-fabulous undertones. We dig the top. But those pants are not a girl’s best friend. Or at least, they’re not this girl’s best friend. It’s all hippy and crotchy on her  – and what gal wants that? In fact, whatever sleekness the look had on the runway is all but gone here, leaving her looking just a little frumpy, and that would be the very last word we’d normally use to describe Emily Blunt. It’s not just that the pants aren’t flattering; it’s the way the top divides her body into sections. Jumpsuits are rarely a good idea, but one that looks like glittery overalls is going to be tough for any gal to pull off, no matter how fabulous she is.

The bracelet and clutch are fine, from what we can see of them. We’d love to see what kind of shoes she paired with this, but it looks like the pants might be covering them, which is a sin all its own. Hair and makeup are fine, even if she could have used a little blotting to get the shine off. We don’t lovelovelove the look in any way, but if the pants were a little more flattering, we’d be okay with it, but as it is, we have to say she should have set this look free for some other girl.


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IN! I just can’t get enough of this girl’s crotch!

OUT! T Lo, you said “Glittery overalls.” Do you really need to ask the question?

In (very old) Minion Opinion news, Sarah Jessica Parker’s crayola couture got an OUT and Marion Cotillard’s “Widow of the Swiss Alps” look got an IN.

[Photo Credit: Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for BlackBerry,]

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