GQ Men of the Year Awards 2011

Posted on September 07, 2011

Darlings, it was the GQ Men Of The Year Awards at The Royal Opera House in London, England. The men all looked fine and the women… well, some of them clearly dressed for a roomful of men. Let’s assess.


Abigail Clancy

Abigail’s taking no chances. She wants the Men of the Year to know her intimately without ever speaking a word to her. Very classy. Audrey Hepburn lives.


Alexandra Burke

When will fashion designers learn that you really can’t do upscale tie-dye? It’s a kindasorta interesting gown but it’s mostly an eyesore. Too much draping and extra fabric up top.

Benedict Cumberbatch

It’s so weird to see him with red hair. If you haven’t seen his Sherlock Holmes, we urge you to do so. Last we checked it was on Netflix streaming. He looks good but – are you ready for this? Sitting down? HIS PANTS ARE TOO SHORT. Can you believe we just typed that after years of telling male stars their hems are too long? You can’t do the high-water hem with a loose-cut pant like that. Technically, you can, but you look inelegant. People think we advocate too much for the shorter hem and assume we think every man should wear the English cut of pant with the high hem. That’s not the case. We believe that a man’s pants should have a break over the shoe. We just don’t believe that a man’s pants should have multiple breaks running halfway up to the knees, which is how a lot of American men wear their pants.

Bradley Cooper

Those are some mighty big lapels and that is some mighty orange skin. Not a fan of double-breasted tuxedos but he looks good.

Charlize Theron in Roland Mouret

Ladies, every man wants a gal who looks like an elephant from the waist down. Little tip from us.

Dizzee Rascal

Shiny tuxedo, leather lapels (!!!!) and too-long pants. This is bad, kittens.

Emma Watson in McQ

We’ve been urging her to break out of her twee shell and this looks like an attempt to do so. It’s the Emma Watson version of “hardcore.” Meaning, it’s a typically adorable party dress, but the punk-inspired plaid and the motorcycle jacket are supposed to make her look edgy. Well, she doesn’t. But she does look cute.

John Legend

You have wounded us, John Legend. You have a reputation for being a finely turned-out man and yet here you are stuffing your shirt and your junk into a pair of pants that are clearly too tight in the waist. Worse, you paired said pants – said plaid pants – with a tuxedo jacket. A tuxedo jacket is not a sports coat. It’s meant to be worn with tuxedo pants. To be honest, it doesn’t look like that jacket fits all that well either. And gentlemen, when you are wearing a tuxedo and standing, your jacket should be buttoned at all times. Again: a tuxedo is not a sports coat.

Kylie Minogue in Dolce & Gabbana

Kylie, we love ya, but you definitely look like you’re working this side of the street.

Leona Lewis

We’re not sure about the fringe skirt, but the lady certainly knows how to work her looks. White dress, red accents, big hair, no jewelry (because she doesn’t need it).

Sophie Ellis Bextor

The dress is cute, but everything that’s happening below that hem is painful. The tights and shoes don’t go with the dress and they take it straight into juvenile territory.


[Photo Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images Europe]

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