Yea or Nay: Tom Binns Jewelry

Posted on August 24, 2011

Okay, let’s all have an eyeball-cleansing after that last post.

Let’s look at Tom Binns jewelry, darlings. You’ve seen it gracing some very famous necks:


But we wanted to talk more about his latest, the “Ethno Teknic” collection:

Tom Binns JewelryAbstract Painted Crystal Necklace
Tom Binns JewelryPainted Crystal Necklace
Tom Binns JewelryHand Painted Crystal Massai Necklace
Tom Binns JewelrySmall Painted Crystal Necklace
Tom Binns JewelryShort Painted Crystal Clip on Earrings
Tom Binns JewelryBirds of Paradise Painted Crystal Earrings
Tom Binns JewelryBrazil Coloured Painted Crystal Bracelet
Tom Binns JewelryAbstract Painted Crystal Bracelet

We’re inclined, when we read things like “Ethno Teknic,” to roll our eyes until we’re in pain, but for once, someone really did manage to blend tribal design sensibilities with an ultra-modern aesthetic and not have it look pretentious. These are gorgeous pieces that don’t rip off aboriginal designs, but manage to pay a sort of homage to them. We think they’re stunning.


YEA or NAY: Tom Binns Jewelry?



[Photo Credit: Getty, tombinnsdesign]

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