Yea or Nay: Jason Wu Fall 2011 Bags

Posted on August 16, 2011

During yesterday’s editorial meeting (coffee, cats, boxer shorts, 7 am) we realized we had two separate posts about handbags. “Too much?” asked Lo. “Are you kidding me?” asked T. “With an audience that’s roughly 95% straight women and gay men, you slap up a couple of purses there and OPINIONS WILL BE FORMED AND STATED.” (Editor’s note: We don’t sound anything like this at 7 am. It’s mostly grunts and half-sentences that only a couple of a decade+ are capable of understanding).

Anyway, yesterday we showed you the Valentino bow bag, and today we want to talk about Jason Wu’s line of bags for fall 2011.

Hit it, bags:

You know what we love? After over a decade of increasingly gigantic handbags, it’s nice to see the return of what our grandmothers called “pocketbooks;” simple, structured, classic bags. There’s been a lot of chatter about his “pentecostal” clutches, with the heavenly dove detail or the metallic corners that make it look like a church missal, and they’re nice, but we really love the short-handled, crook-of-the-elbow boxy purses with structure and heft to them. The kind of purse you use to beat any mugger stupid enough to fuck with you. We’re not as crazy about the satiny clutches, which look like makeup bags to us.

As always, the final question of their worthiness is up to you, the precious unborn fawns.

YEA or NAY: Jason Wu’s Fall 2011 Bags?

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