WERQ: Jane Lynch in Alexander McQueen

Posted on August 15, 2011

Miss Jane has wounded us many times on the red carpet. When she wears dresses, she makes the classic Meryl Streep mistake of wearing things too big and ballroom-y; too shiny and heavy. Rarely do we see her looking comfortable in a dress and we don’t think for a second that has anything to do with her being a lesbian. It’s because she tends to pick dresses that don’t suit her. For a while now she’s been showing up in what looks like the same black suit to every event. And while we like the idea of a woman in pants on the red carpet, she rarely managed to make the look stand out or look chic.

Well stand back, bitches:

Jane Lynch at the 2011 VH1 Do Something Awards in Hollywood in an Alexander McQueen dress.

Alexander McQueen Bustier Floral Dress

Because Miss Janie brought it and she’s taking it home with her.

The only thing we’d criticize here are the earrings, which look a little like allergy medicine. Everything else is sublime. The dress is chic and late-summer; easy to wear and totally flattering, with a bold print that photographs well. Can’t really see the shoes that well, but we love the diamond bracelet; an elegant way to punctuate the outfit and keep it away from looking too “poolside.” Also, her hair and makeup look fantastic. She really needs some better support up top, but the look itself is so dramatic and pretty that we can’t even work up the high dudgeon normally reserved for insufficiently supported boobs. You WERQ that McQueen shit, girl.


[Photo Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, selfridges.com]

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