Royal Watch: Princess Vicki & Prince Dan

Posted on August 31, 2011

Far be it for us to explain why a joke works (especially when it doesn’t always work), but “Bill & Cathy Cambridge” became the default way of referring to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge simply because we thought it was hilarious how it made them sound like that nice couple down the street in the suburbs. Unfortunately, “Dan and Vicki Västergötland” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, so “Princess Vicki and Prince Dan” it is. There’s a little Västergötland on the way, so we thought we’d check in with the happy couple.

Prince Daniel of Sweden and Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden attend the Polar Music Prize ceremony at Concert Hall in Stockholm, Sweden.

Taking protocol and expectations into account, it’s not a bad little dress. It’s very mature in style, although we suppose the bare arms help to bring it down a couple of years. We haven’t suddenly found a newfound love of sheer layered skirts but at least with this look, it’s subtle.

What we don’t get is the royal predilection for dressing in all one shade. Her purse, dress, and shoes are all the exact same shade of blue, as is that scarf she’s holding. Why do they do that? We understand Queen Elizabeth’s rule that she always wear vivid colors when appearing for crowds; that’s a royal dressing standard that makes sense. But why do so many European royals do this bridesmaid-y thing all the time? We’re not suggesting she – or any of them, really – should start wearing leopard print accessories and wildly clashing shades; we’re just wondering why so many of them default to “One color at a time, please. We’re royalty.”

One thing we will unreservedly bitch about is the strange HR Giger-esque hairstyle she’s sporting. It’s weird in any case, but in her case, the shape of her hair doesn’t flatter the shape of her face.

He looks exhausted. What’s up with that? This is the first time he’s worn something that doesn’t look perfectly fitted to his body. Maybe he’s not getting the training time in now that he’s the official royal sperm provider.

Still, they’re a really cute couple. She always looks adorably happy, as if, despite her upbringing, she’s thinking “Can you believe I’m a princess? How cool is that? And check out the hot piece I scored!”

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