PR: Ugly Fabric Faceoff!

Posted on August 23, 2011

We never really understood the drama that comes whenever two designers pick the same fabric for a challenge. Granted, we don’t understand how, in a store the size of Mood, two designers would ever wind up choosing the same fabric, but still. Once the deed is done, what’s the big deal? Sure, you’re in a tense situation, going on little sleep, and prodded by off-screen production assistants to say bitchy things about your competitors, but sometimes these designers act like picking the same fabric as them is some sort of grand insult and devious trick. Just shut up and sew, bitches. The only reason to get upset over someone else’s fabric choice is because you’re worried your design won’t measure up.

Anthony took time out from obsessing over his fabric to do a little online counseling for gay kids. That was awfully sweet of him, but — oh wait. That’s his boyfriend.

We can kind of see why Anthony was so upset about Becky choosing the same fabric. His design sucked.

Maybe “sucked” is too strong a word, but he had to have had an inkling that it wasn’t going to wow anyone.

It’s so strange that of all the beautiful fabrics in MOOD, and faced with a Nina challenge, THIS would be the fabric two designers would fight over. We don’t understand why even ONE designer chose this. Does this look like Nina? Does this look anything but cheap?

If this picture had gotten leaked weeks before the season started, we would have said, “Ah. Clearly the unconventional materials challenge this year is painter’s drop cloths.”

The pieces are fine, if unexciting. We like the collar and the shape of the skirt.

But it was ultimately a pretty disappointing entry from Anthony, who’s been showing promise up till now. And it sure as hell wasn’t worth all the tsuris about fabrics. Engaging in a little armchair reality TV psychoanalysis, we’d bet Anthony’s distress over the fabric was really about his lack of confidence in his design. Because let’s face it…

Becky won this round.

In fact, Becky gets our gold star for the week because her attitude was exactly right. “I don’t know who picked the fabric first. All I know is I better make a killer dress.” Right on, sister.

And she did. It doesn’t really scream Nina in any way; in fact, we can’t imagine her wearing this at all, but it’s sharp and stylish.

And it was a great use of the materials. She didn’t quite manage to make it look expensive, but she made it look stylish and that’s more important.

We loved the bands of dark grey cutting across the dress. They provided some drama, played down the paint splatters, and gave the look a fluid, sexy femininity.

And we thought trimming them out in tiny strips of yellow was brilliant. They added a very subtle pop of color and they framed the stripes nicely.

She didn’t exactly dress it up in the styling – that wiggy hair is mystifying – and a style this youthful(and off-the-rack)-looking would never suit Nina, but in the shitty fabric face-off, she won hands down.

We’re a little disappointed with Anthony, but Becky really pulled it out this week. This goes back to what we said about Teacher’s Pets this season. Sure, the judges seem to like certain designers, but from week to week, you can’t really predict who’s going to shine and who’s going to collapse. We have some idea of who the likely finalists might be, but not nearly as firmly as we normally do at this point in a season.

[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/ – Screencaps:]

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