PR: Team Should-Have-Won

Posted on August 16, 2011

You know what?
These two ladies can SEW.

Maybe not the most profound thing we’ve ever typed considering they’re on Project Runway, where sewing is a requirement to get in (believe it or not), but their work this week was impressive on both a technical level and a design one.
In fact, although we weren’t as sure of it at the time, in retrospect, this should have been the winning look. They did a masterful job of coming up with a design that worked on a costume level and a fashion level. They even managed to incorporate the insane proportions of the model into account by elongating the jacket, but just on one side so that it doesn’t look awkward or like a dress over pants. Very, very smart.

But what impressed us the most…
… is that they came up with a design where the woman in the design was taken into consideration. These look like her clothes and they suit her to a T.

What better way to illustrate that than by incorporating the wearer’s tattoo into the design? That was freaking brilliant. The collar actually serves as a counterpoint to it.

That is some kickass sewing right there.
No other team really seemed to take the woman inside the clothes into consideration. This was a huge reason why so many of the designs failed this week. Every other team took stilts as the starting point of their design. We have no idea how the process shook out, but this was the only look that felt like they took the woman as the starting point and made the stilts a secondary concern.

And unlike every other team, she was styled to perfection. Everything about this look felt integrated and thought out. This wasn’t just an answer to the question “How do you make clothes for stiltwalkers?” This was an answer to the question “What would this woman wear and look good in?”

There were some utterly ridiculous words coming out of the judges’ mouths about how this looked too costume-y, but we think it’s been well established by now that the sweet, creamy crack was in heavy demand this week. Nina, Michael and Heidi were clearly passing the pipe around during commercial breaks. To their credit, they gushed over the pants and to be honest, it wasn’t until we got these screencaps that we could see what they were talking about. They really are a masterful bit of design and tailoring. There are actual, workable pockets in these pants, which is kind of amazing. Love the zipper running down the side…

As well as the tiny bit of bling at the bottom, which served as a callback to the buttons on the jacket but also served to prevent the pants from becoming long, unbroken trails of green. Putting little details into the pants like this actually made them look like pants.

This is more disappointing the more we think about it. This was a truly original design with a lot of thought put into and perfectly executed. The judges chose a shitty Gucci knockoff as the win. Totally indefensible.

We’ll say this: we didn’t think either of these gals had it in them. We’re really liking Kimberley so far, but we’ll be honest: Becky frightens us. There’s some crazy coming from her direction and we suspect it’s going to come out soon.

[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/ – Screencaps:]

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