PR: Team Semi-International

Posted on August 17, 2011

All credit must be paid to Olivier and Anya this week. They got along like gangbusters and seemed to be thrilled to have the chance to work with each other. Which is odd when you think about it because their styles are at opposite ends of the spectrum. He’s all Calvin Klein crispness and she’s all caftans and maxi-dresses in wild prints. We were intrigued by the pairing because we didn’t see how it could possibly work.

And you know what?

We were right. You really can’t pair Calvin Klein minimalism with bold, colorful maxi dresses.

In some ways, we wish this had scored lower because we wanted to hear what the judges had to say about this one. We think there could have been an interesting discussion about the difference between finding ways to make two aesthetics work together and simply making two pieces in two wildly different styles and just mashing them together.
This may have been why their team was so low-drama. They really didn’t do anything to challenge themselves. There’s no question who was responsible for which aspects of the garment because neither designer budged an inch outside their comfort zone.

We don’t know what the hell Olivier was trying to accomplish with that weird vest thingy. It’s not even very well made.
And that print is hideous.

Is Anya going to style her model like herself every week? Because that’s gonna get old.
Although we have to admit, that skirt flowed beautifully.

And it helped that their model was the only one who managed to approximate a true runway walk instead of lurching drunkenly toward the camera. But the more we look at this collection of bad ideas, the more we wish it had received some criticism. It’s almost as if Olivier and Anya didn’t understand the basic concept of the challenge. You’re supposed to come together as a team and make a garment that speaks to both aesthetics. They just made two wildly different pieces, each in their own style, and stitched them together. A Frankenstein dress.


[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/ – Screencaps:]

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