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Posted on August 13, 2011

Okay, let’s break this down using math and science.

1) Viktor is a little bitch.

2) Bert is a bigger bitch.


We put off writing this, our apparently traditional Saturday post of wagging our fingers at Bert, because every interaction, as well as every bit of footage showing them working, was so ridiculously edited that the idea of trying to figure out who was at fault was too daunting. In the end, everyone’s going to vociferously argue for their favorite.

But we’re nothing without our opinions, so we’ll tell you what we saw.

Viktor was a snotty bitch for openly expressing his disappointment that Bert was his team mate. But you know what? That’s it for really shitty behavior coming from his direction. Maybe a little petulant and irritating from that point on, but it sure looked to us like he was trying to overcome their mutual disappointment over being teamed with the other.

We saw nothing of the sort from Bert. He was dismissive of almost everything Viktor said or he was in-your-face insistent upon things to the point where it more than seemed like he was pushing the younger guy around just to be the Big Dog.

Who gives a shit if Viktor used “Victorian” incorrectly in a workroom conversation or mentioned Mae West and pants in the same sentence? Who cares if he needs to read more books? It has nothing to do with the outcome of the design. Find a common language with your team mate and figure out how to work from there. Bert simply couldn’t allow that and had to go and obnoxiously correct him or berate him over inconsequential things.

In other words, despite his initial obnoxious outburst, we saw Viktor running around desperately trying to communicate and even mend fences with Bert so they could collaborate effectively. From Bert we saw derision and conflict-seeking at every turn.

The result:
Pure shit on stilts.

That fabric is truly horrifying. About 20 years out of style, it looks like Julia Sugarbaker’s upholstered desk chair.

And the skirt fabric is equally hideous with the extra bonus of not really matching the other fabric.

To top it off, the entire thing looks horribly made.

Who’s at fault for the design? Who knows? But it sure looked to us like Viktor was trying to explain the design to the judges while Bert was trying to distance himself from it and make it seem like everything was Viktor’s fault. That’s sure not how it looked to us in the workroom and Mood. To us, it looked like the entire thing was Bert’s baby and then when the shit hit the runway, he tried to shrug it off as someone else’s fault.

We don’t care if he’s older and cranky or if it’s annoying to be around a bunch of vapid kids; there’s no excusing Bert’s behavior here. He was nasty and dismissive and bullying throughout the process. The whole point to getting older is to learn from your experiences and set an example for younger people. If you’re just going to bully the young and treat them like little more than  pointless annoyances, you deserve every bit of ageism that’s going to come your way because if it.

We are officially over the Queen Mother. Unless there’s a dramatic shift in behavior, the new nickname is Queen Bitch. Although we suspect he’d kind of like that.

[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/ – Screencaps:]

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