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Posted on August 29, 2011

Somehow, Team Bryce managed to avoid any drama. Which means, of course, that we’ve all forgotten about them while we got caught up in Bert/Anthony/Becky/Josh drama. Sure, one member of the team got auf’d, but then again, doesn’t that tell you something? The teams that provided the maximum amount of drama not only escaped unscathed, but one of them got rewarded for it. The team that didn’t give the editors anything to work with wound up with the auf’ee. Not that we didn’t think Danielle deserved it for her crap outfit, but there were clearly other considerations in play when it came to determining who got to stay and who got to go.

Although we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that Danielle made a look that doesn’t look like it goes with the others at all.

This was nominally Kimberley’s look, although Danielle apparently did most of the work on the jacket.

It’s a great little look. The problem we have with it is that it seems like a lot of look for a pair of sneakers. That’s partly why we loved Viktor’s winning look so much; he kept the dress extremely simple, made an interesting, sporty jacket, and called it a day, design-wise. It was just interesting enough without being too interesting for sneakers. Think of it this way: Picture Viktor’s look with a pair of killer heels. Doesn’t really improve it because the look is so sporty and spare. Picture the above look with a pair of killer heels. Instantly improves it. Why? Because this was a look designed to be worn with heels, not a look designed to be worn with sneakers.

We thought the judges overpraised this look just a bit. That’s at least partly because it was the first look Bryce produced which hasn’t been a disaster.

But it is cute, we’ll give it that. And unlike Kimberley’s it just feels right with a pair of sneakers.

But let’s face it: the design couldn’t be any simpler. A couple well-placed darts to turn a shapeless tunic into a semi-cute mini-dress and that’s about it.

The snaps on the side were interesting, but we thought they were maybe a bit too heavy and that the dress itself was a bit too tight because they were sticking out from the sides and some of them looked ready to pop. What makes this look commendable (aside from being one of the few to satisfy the challenge) is that he managed to make a denim minidress that looked fresh and frankly, we don’t know anything more stale than a denim mini-dress. That alone was probably a big reason why the judges seemed so impressed. Not a design triumph so much as a style one.

If they had put Danielle’s jacket on Danielle’s model, the collection would have looked a lot more cohesive and she might have managed to squeak by for another week. But we suspect Bryce was thinking only of saving his own ass this week and Kimberley, bless her heart, seems determined to avoid any conflict or drama and simply wants to get on with her work.

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