PR: Last but not…okay, maybe.

Posted on August 24, 2011

For our last set of rippings this week, we saved three looks that were about as bland as looks can get in a design competition.


After last week’s hissing fest between Bert and Viktor, and with both of them making very similar LBDs this week, we think they’re both a lot more alike than they want to admit.

Shrug. We don’t know what to say. You could find this dress in any department store at just about any price point. That’s about as damning a statement one can make about a design competition entry. More and more, it’s looking like Bert won the first challenge by directly addressing the judges’ criticisms and reservations about his work, but every entry since then has basically proven the judges’ original assessment correct: not modern or fresh in any way.


Maybe using “bland” as a descriptor for this look isn’t fair, because he definitely tried to do something interesting with the design.

Because those side panels are definitely … something, aren’t they? We’re not quite sure what, but at least we’re not looking at a standard LBD.

This is colorless and curiously sexless, badly fitted and badly sewn.It looks nothing like Nina at all. We can sort of see the concept and picture it rendered impeccably, but even then it’s not a very interesting design or likely to be worn by Nina.



It’s another department store dress. It’s cute in its own way (except for that horrifying hem), but it’s as standard as can be. Bleh. We wish we had more to say about all three of these looks, but they sure don’t inspire much conversation.

Hopefully, we’ll have more to say tomorrow night, when we’ll be appearing on the Derek and Romaine Show on SiriusXM Radio. We’ll be chatting about all things bitchy with those two bitches, from Project Runway to the A-List. Even better, now’s the chance for all Bitter Kittens to talk directly to T Lo. We’ll be sitting in around 8 PM (we are so going to need coffee for that) and Minions and Precious Unborn Fawns alike are encouraged to call us at 866-305-6887. We promise we’ll be nice. And if you just want to listen in, Derek and Romaine are on SiriusXM OutQ 108. And if you want to listen in, but don’t have Sirius radio, you can set up a free trial account here. And if you want to listen in but don’t don’t have Sirius radio and don’t want to set up a trial account, well, you’re SOL, bitches.

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