PR: Last But Not Least

Posted on August 10, 2011

Darlings, we can practically guarantee that you don’t even remember the following two looks (unless you’re related to the designers). One of these seasons, we’re just gonna throw up a bunch of forgotten dresses from prior seasons just to see if anyone will notice.

Anyway, here are the final two looks from the previous episode. It’s a shame we waited so long to show these two, because they’re among the better (or at least, more interesting) entries, but man, we really have no recollection of them at all.


Apparently, she used rope dog toys and more of those infamous pee pads to put this look together.

It’s not bad at all, actually. The colors are drab and the skirt’s pretty basic, but we’re pretty impressed with that mesh top. That could not have been easy to put together.

You’d think that some of these designers would have noticed how many of them were doing that exact belt trick with the leashes, but presumably none of them cared enough to change it up.

Still, we’d call this a “high middle” entry. Not quite good enough for top 3, but nowhere near bottom 3.



We vaguely remember this one.

We seem to recall yelling something about exploded tits.

Apparently, this is aquarium tubing that she braided. That’s a great idea and a great starting point for a look.

But this was so not the way to go. That top is insanely thick and armor-like. And while we appreciate the attempt to do something different, the whole left side of this thing looks like she was in some sort of horrible accident.

The dress was apparently made out of a dog pillow and kudos to her for that, because it sure doesn’t look like one.

Unfortunately it just looks like a basic tight little black dress.

All of the interest and all of the design was poured into that bodice. A decent attempt at doing something interesting, but ultimately a failure because it looked so heavy and strange.

Another week down, bitches! Fifteen dogbed dresses ASSESSED! See you in the T LOunge tomorrow night!

[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/ – Screencaps:]

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