PR: Josh C and Olivier

Posted on August 30, 2011

Man, are you guys as talked-out on this episode as we are? It’s hard to believe we still have looks to discuss. We can’t say they’re all worth discussing, but never let it be said that we’re not thorough.

This was another look we thought the judges overpraised.

It’s true that the jeans have a somewhat modern boxy cut to them and that certainly provided some interest, since let’s face it, we’re talking about jeans and a t-shirt.

It’s the latter that has us scratching our heads over the praise it received. Sure, that neckline’s interesting…

But we seriously do not get the faux backpack straps. We can agree with the judges when they say they’re interesting, but that’s about as far as we’d go in terms of compliments. They’re not really all that attractive and we’re not at all sure why any gal would want the hassle of backpack straps without the backback.

And we realize some may disagree, but you can wrinkle up a dress like Viktor’s and it can have a deliberate, artful, unexpected quality to it. You can find wrinkled t-shirts out on the street pretty much anywhere in the world every single day. There’s nothing particularly interesting about a wrinkled t-shirt.

But kudos to Lady Sweater, because he came in at the last second, probably didn’t have a lot of input into the design, and performed like a champ. If they treated him like a seamstress, we doubt he minded. He was just happy to be back in the game.

Clothes for the depressed girl.

The top is just okay. A pleated denim top doesn’t sound like a lot of fun to wear. Interesting to note how similar it is to Bert’s top. Different neckline, but very similar horizontal pleating. That would have been an interesting thing to find out: who unveiled their design first in the work room?

But that skirt quite clearly and obviously ruins the look. You could pair that skirt with something else and it would be okay (never great, but okay), but it’s wrong for that top and wrong for a sneakers challenge. It’s an often-repeated fashion joke, but it’s totally sister-wife. Drab, sexless, and unappealing in just about every way.

We just don’t get Olivieirie. Why stubbornly insist on making something after the very person responsible for your fate – ostensibly, the person for whom you’re making it – tells you she doesn’t like it? It’s not like Heidi didn’t get to see some last-minute flourish or embellishment that totally transformed the item. It’s pretty much exactly the same skirt she tried on in the workroom and said she hated. Makes no sense to us. His aesthetic is exceedingly narrow and he appears to be completely incapable of moving an inch outside it. The clock is ticking, we think.

Although we did love him a little bit when he said he “fell down like a bitch” with a totally straight face.

We didn’t realize it until just now, but Viktor was the only one who made anything we liked – and it happens to be the one look we like the most. The collection’s cohesive, but most of the rest of it is way too drab for consideration.

[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/ – Screencaps:]

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