PR: Goodbye Kitty

Posted on August 26, 2011

Thank you, producers, for totally screwing up our tried-and-true format this week. Bitches. Bad enough it’s teams, but it’s also teams with two winners and an auf’ee that most people aren’t even talking about the next day.

She seemed so serious and focused early on, but with each passing challenge it was becoming increasingly obvious that she’d moved from the “Could Go Either Way” column to the “Runway Chaff” column. She would have needed a major triumph to keep her in the game much longer.

And let’s face it, major triumphs were not on the menu.

It made for an interesting debate among the judges. Nina came thisclose to admitting that she and Michael look at the whole of a designer’s output when making a decision about their fate, but Heidi acted shocked that they weren’t looking at each designer on a week-by-week basis. To her credit, she made an excellent point: “I thought that was the whole point to this show; ‘One day you’re in; the next day you’re out’.” Heidi’s gotten very good at arguing her case against the often unified front of Michael and Nina.

But Nina and Michael won, as they usually do. Anthony put out a garment that was easily as awful as this one, and arguably much worse. But he’d impressed them in the pet store challenge and the stilt challenge and Danielle had never done anything but bore them.

It was pretty much written in stone that she would go over Anthony. Nina and Michael argued that a designer who’s shown some potential should always be kept over a designer who repeatedly fails to do so.

How sad is that piece of crap? What was with the fascination with chiffon? As armchair reality TV psychologists, we’d hypothesize that she got herself into a little bit of a design hole. She kept fucking up chiffon, which only made her more determined to do it again and get it right. She was so far down that she couldn’t see what a ridiculous choice it was for the types of clothes they were doing.


We might be opening ourselves up to some criticism but we definitely agree with Nina and Michael’s cumulative judging philosophy. Anthony made something terrible, but he’s given us reason to believe he can do better going forward. Even if you don’t think this getup was as bad as Anthony’s, can you say that she’s shown an equal amount of promise? Heidi’s week-by-week approach has its merits, but it can also result in people making it far, far past the point where they should have been sent home. It can even wind up with one of the less talented designers in the final three. Both approaches have their merits and drawbacks and the show has always veered back and forth between them (quite often due to the producers, we suspect), but in latter seasons, the cumulative judging style has become more prominent and obvious. We wonder how much of Heidi’s surprise was genuine. After all, she lost the Mondo argument last year and she had to have wondered why.

In the end it doesn’t matter, because overriding all other concerns was one major factor that determined her auf.


The second we saw her in that Hello Kitty headband, we knew it was over.



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