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Posted on August 27, 2011

“There are some names I remember because I think the people are worth remembering; it takes me a long time to remember their names because they’re not that significant.”

“These two other designers have a more contrived vision. Mine is going to be clean, modern and fresh, not the Midwest or wherever the hell they’re from.”

We don’t care about his backstory or even if his teammates were dismissive of him…

He was a Grade A asshole this week, there’s no getting around it. In fact, he’s been a Grade A asshole EVERY week so far. It surprises us to see how much he’s being defended in the comments. We can’t point to one thing Gretchen said last season that was as obnoxious and nasty as half the things that came out of Bert’s mouth in only the first 4 episodes of this season. Not bothering to learn people’s names because they’re “not significant?”  CHEERING ON THE RUNWAY WHEN SOMEONE ELSE GETS CRITICIZED? Are you kidding us? There is NO defending that kind of behavior. And if the argument is that he was right to act that way this week because his team mates were dismissive, what’s the excuse for every other time he’s been nasty?

Despite what Bert said on the runway – Oh, that’s another indefensible thing: the tendency to be not entirely truthful on the runway – his team mates did not just dismiss him or reject everything he tried outright. We don’t know about yours, but our TV showed several scenes of his team mates trying desperately to reason with him and HE was the one blowing THEM off.

No one on a team gets the right of having their ideas automatically accepted, and in a 3-person team, majority rule is the only way to progress. Any reasonable person, no matter how irritating it might be to have your ideas shot down, would recognize that and just get on with it. Becky did, although she was a bit too passive in the end.

We’re of the generation between Bert the Boomer and Anthony and Laura, the Millenials, but our sympathies tend to lie with the young folks this time around. In all the talk about this team there’s one thing we picked up on that no one seems to be talking about: Anthony and Laura were TERRIFIED of Bert.

Check out the body language here:

They’re not standing and sitting apart from Bert because they disdain him or look down on him; they’re intimidated by him.

We’re not trying to paint the actions of these two as above reproach in any way, but to us, sitting smack between the Boomers and Gen Y, their actions all seemed to come down to lack of experience. Spend a decade or two in the work force and you’ll meet more than your share of Berts. You learn pretty quickly how to placate someone like that in order to get something out of them and avoid a lot of drama. These two did everything you’re NOT supposed to do. They marginalized him immediately and rejected his ideas too quickly. Worse, they argued with him and that’s not something you ever want to do with a person who argues with everyone about everything. Someone like Bert needs a little bullshitting and hand-holding.

They’ve spent enough time with Bert to know what he’s like. Every single designer there doesn’t like the guy and we suppose you could cling to the idea that it’s because they’re all just a bunch of snotty whippersnappers but common sense tells us when everyone in a group dislikes one member, chances are there’s something amiss with that one member’s behavior and personality. The problem is, they started from the point of assuming that Bert was going to be trouble instead of starting from the point of asking how to deal with Bert. They had their defenses up too quickly and they came down much too hard on him in the beginning. Result: disaster.

Bert can cheer all he wants, but the fact remains that his was only the best in a pile of shit. That doesn’t make it a good look on its own.


The top was kind of cute, except when she turns around. We don’t know what the hell she was thinking there. The shorts are horrifying. The vest makes no sense with the other pieces.


These are well-made garments that look pretty good together. But they’re a terrible choice to wear with sneakers unless you want to look like a ’90s administrative assistant on the way to work. That top is simply way too fussy for sneakers. We could see the skirt paired with them, but not that top.


Hold us, darlings. We’re not feeling well at the moment.

Quite possibly one of the worst garments in the history of the show. INSANELY disproportionate and unflattering.

Anthony admitted that he was too caught up in Bert drama to really work on his design, but that’s not Bert’s fault, no matter how shitty he acted. Anthony’s responsible for his own actions and reactions, which means his shitastic romper is his fault and no one else’s.

But Bert still acted like a total shit.

[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/ – Screencaps:]

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