PR: Flo Don’t Do Clinique

Posted on August 31, 2011

Nothing sums up the cracktacular results of this episode than the fact that we’re discussing the winning designer’s actual look last, because the look for which he won the challenge was designed and sewn by someone else.

But first…

She’s totally Flo, the Progressive Insurance girl, isn’t she? We didn’t realize it until this episode.

She really didn’t deserve the bitchiness thrown her way this week, but she didn’t exactly puncture the charge that her work is dowdy, did she?

If you can call a tank top and tight miniskirt “dowdy,” that is. And guess what? We can. She managed it.

The main problem with this look is that it’s so dated. Too “Spice Girls.” The styling didn’t help.

And that top is sad and unflattering. The straps were an interesting idea but the length killed it. The skirt’s a bit NASCAR.

We’re going to get killed for this, but Josh really did have a valid concern about her work. He expressed it terribly and we question whether it should have been openly expressed at all, but the fact remains that Becky’s work has been, at best, competent. She hasn’t really produced anything particularly stylish or innovative. We won’t hold this up as the final example of her talent since it’s clear she produced it under duress, but it’s pretty much of a piece with most of her work so far.

We think the one thing that sold Josh’s look is the one piece New Balance would never produce.

Namely, that vest.

The judges loved it more than we did but we have to admit, it does a good job of bumping up a tank top and pair of shorts. The problem would have been in the manufacturing of it, not to mention it was a bit too fussy and fashion-y for something like New Balance.

The top and shorts are well made enough, although we don’t know what sewing he did since Becky was treated like a factory worker.

And the shorts are pretty cute, we have to admit. Much better use of the stripe pattern than Becky’s skirt.

Enh. We’re talked out over the whole thing. New Balance probably wanted Anya’s maxi dress because it would be cheap to produce and the producers wanted to ham-fistedly give the win to Josh because they knew it would induce ragegasms on the internet. So the whole thing came down to people other than the judges giving the win to someone for reasons other than designing the best look. Forces outside the judging panel have been influencing the decisions on this show since day one; we just hate when they’re so clumsy about it.


[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/ – Screencaps:]

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