Katy Perry, Drag Queen

Posted on August 29, 2011

You guys, Katy Perry… she’s a national treasure; a gift from God to gay fashion bloggers like us. Just look at the smorgasbord of crack she laid out for us last night:

Katy Perry at VMAsAtelier Versace Fall 2011 dress

Katy Perry at VMAs

Vintage bath mat Chinoiserie. Genius. Excellent use of props.

By the way, the “you shouldn’t match your outfit to your hair” rule gets tossed when your hair is pink. For future reference.


Katy Perry at VMAsTom Ford Fall 2011 dress.

Katy Perry at VMAs

Surprisingly understated in a “purple sheer and lace dress with pink velvet belt to match your pink hair” kind of way. In other words, this is understated for Katy Perry. It would probably get you arrested.


Katy Perry at VMAsChristian Dior Fall 2011 Couture dress; Philip Treacy hat (part of the collection) and Giuseppe Zanotti heels.

Katy Perry at VMAsShe may be the only woman on the planet capable of making ANY of the looks from this collection actually work for her. Again: “work FOR HER.” This would probably get you committed. But admit it: wouldn’t you love to show up wearing this on the day you tell your boss to take this job and shove it? Would this not make a perfect “Fuck all y’all, I’m out of here” look? Sure, it’ll make your ass look huge, but once you commit to wearing a cube on your head, traditional notions of “flattering” no longer apply.

Katy Perry at VMAs“Breaking Records” dress designed by Johnny Wujek for Furne One and Giuseppe Zanotti heels

Katy Perry at VMAs

All drag queens know the value of self-promotion. Not that there was ever a danger of anyone NOT realizing this is Katy Perry, but we appreciate the superhero-like commitment to wearing your name on the front of your clothes.

Katy Perry at VMAsHouse Of Hype’s 2011 MTV Video Music Awards After Party

Katy Perry at VMAs

Joan Holloway on acid. How fucking genius is THAT?


[Photo Credit: Getty, elle.com, tomford.com]


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