In or Out: Vanessa Hudgens in Candie’s

Posted on August 29, 2011

Vanessa’s the new face of Candie’s and she hit the VMAs after-parties sporting a custom-made Candie’s gown. We’re extremely puzzled. And not just by the phrase “Candie’s gown.”


Vanessa Hudgens in Candie'sVanessa Hudgens attends the In Touch Weekly’s 4th Annual Icons & Idols Celebration and the Candie’s Hosts The 2011 MTV VMA After Party.

Vanessa Hudgens in Candie's
Vanessa Hudgens in Candie's
Vanessa Hudgens in Candie's
Vanessa Hudgens in Candie's
Vanessa Hudgens in Candie'sHere’s why we’re puzzled: if you’ve got your new spokesmodel hitting the red carpet sporting your brand in front of your logo, WOULDN’T YOU MAKE SURE THE DRESS FITS HER? It’s way too tight across her front, weirdly loose in the upper back, and about 2 to 3 inches too long. We don’t like the twisted straps, but they’d look a whole hell of sight better if this thing fit her. As it is, they complete the impression that she’s wearing a shiny sheet.

The hair’s apparently for a part. We don’t think it suits her all that well, but if she had to sport it, attempting a finger wave was a good idea. Unfortunately, it all looks a little sloppy. If you’re doing ’20s-style hair, flyaways mean you did it wrong. We don’t actually mind the jewelry, blingy and sparkly as it is. She’s young and she can get away with it. But again, the poor fit on the dress combined with the extremely glittery jewelry doesn’t exactly make everything look high-end.

It’s a shame, because the basic design of the dress is fine (if standard) and they have a cute model, but poor planning turned this into a PR disaster because the whole look looks cheap.


IN! Old Hollywood shimmer, bitches!

OUT! Her first mistake can be summed up in two words: “Candie’s gown.”

Voting on SJP’s Little Red Riding Cat look is still open, darlings.
[Photo by Valerie Macon and Michael Buckner/Getty Images]

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