In or Out: Rihanna in Antonio Berardi

Posted on August 22, 2011

Let’s start the week off with some good, old-fashioned judging.

Having ditched the longstanding Ronald McDonald/Jessica Rabbit look she’d been sporting for way too long, Rihanna unveils her latest mashup of iconic looks:

Rihanna launches her new fragrance “Reb’l Fleur” at House of Fraser in London in Antonio Berardi. Shoes by Christian Louboutin.

Cookie Monster + Dorothy Zbornak. With a little bit of Reba McIntyre’s hair circa 1994. The girl knows her references, we’ll give her that.

Antonio Berardi Resort 2012 CollectionAntonio Berardi Resort 2012 Collection

Darlings, we have found a new iteration of Satan’s Pants. That wily devil. Destroy one pair of apocalyptic pants and before you can turn around, up pops another pair. These pants need to be taken out to the desert and burned. Failing that, they need to be boxed up and sent to a retirement village where they will have a long (maybe) and happy life on the legs of people who will love them.

The top is cute, actually. Or it would be, if it was paired with something that didn’t offend our eyeballs. The shoes, of course, also need to be taken away from her. Silly Putty shoes are now OVER. We have no pull in the world of celebrity fashion but we figured it’s about time we started acting like it. This way, the next time some silly trend ho whips out the fleshpumps, we can say, “Didn’t we just declare this OVER? Were you not listening?”

And finally, there’s the hair. We won’t be so violent as to suggest it be taken out to the desert and burned, but maybe it can be re-purposed into pillow stuffing or something like that. One thing’s for sure, it shouldn’t be on top of her head.

Rihanna doll, this new look is a disaster.




IN! Fun and colorful and unexpected, you catty bitches!

OUT! A furry Easter egg in a wig.

The Minion Opinion on ELizabeth Banks’ “torn between two dresses” dress was a loud and near-unanimous OUT.

[Photo Credit: Photo by Neil Mockford/Getty Images Europe,]

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