In or Out: Charlie Hunnam

Posted on August 31, 2011

Darlings, we’ve all been walking down that aisle in the Blog Topics Superstore labeled “Red Carpet>Starlets>Movie Premiere” for a while now. Let’s turn down this narrower, darker, less-trafficked aisle, labeled “Low-Rent Red Carpet>Actor>Cable Television Series,” shall we?

Charlie Hunnam at "Sons Of Anarchy" PremiereCharlie Hunnam attends the FX Network’s “Sons Of Anarchy” Season 4 Premiere in Los Angeles.

Charlie Hunnam at "Sons Of Anarchy" Premiere

The mountain man looks combined with the visible concealer spots is kind of endearing, no? Straight guys. Can’t even cover a zit without help.

Charlie Hunnam at "Sons Of Anarchy" Premiere

Charlie Hunnam at "Sons Of Anarchy" Premiere

We’re suckers for a cute bearded guy in a tie. Prep school ties are kind of played out right now but he does look adorable — from the waist up. Because man, everything from the waist down is pretty bad. Jeans, sportscoat and tie — easiest outfit in the world; very hard to screw up. But he’s swimming in those jeans. You can barely find the belt and when you do, you see that it’s cinching a pair of jeans much too large for him; the waist is actually falling below the belt buckle and you can see the snap. That ain’t good.

We get that straight guys tend to default to the widest, loosest cut of pants 9 times out of ten, and we’re not at all suggesting he stuff himself into a pair of skinny jeans because he definitely doesn’t seem the type. But something slightly more fitted than the hip hop jeans would have worked so much better, especially since he chose dark jeans that photograph in the exact same shade as the jacket, which makes him look from afar like he’s wearing a particularly badly fitted suit. A slimmer fit – maybe a boot cut with an actual pair of boots – would have worked so much better here. It’s okay to wear slightly more fitted pants, straight dudes. The gays promise to keep their gay eyes off your ass if it makes you uncomfortable. Actually, no we don’t. Get over it.

We’re being a little bitchy (try not to be shocked) but we think he looks a little adorable, despite the goofy jeans and poorly applied Maybelline Cover Stick.



IN! He’s the cute English teacher that all the seniors swoon over!

OUT! Did your attorney pick this outfit out?

Julianna Margulies’ classy broad look got a near-unanimous IN from the commentariat.



[Photo Credit: JStrauss/Wireimage]

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