In or Out: Anne Hathaway in Carven

Posted on August 10, 2011

Look, we’re not as harsh as the characters we play on the internet. Really. It’s not like we think everyone needs to go around in perfectly hemmed pants and stylishly accessorized outfits all day, every day. But if there’s one overriding idea behind this little blog, it’s that overpaid celebrities who are working to convince the public to buy their product while wearing sometimes tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of borrowed merchandise should at least look a little better than most of us do as we head to work every day. That’s not asking so much of the world, is it, darlings?

And as further evidence of our kind and open hearts, we can state firmly that not all celebrity appearances are equal and we wouldn’t apply the standards we use to bitch about the Oscar red carpet when talking about some C-lister on a Tokyo photocall. It’s all about the venue. So when Anne Hathaway ditched the McQueen dress she wore to her premiere for something a little more casual and comfortable for the after-party, we were all for it.

Anne Hathaway attends the “One Day” premiere after party in NYC in a Carven dress paired with Roger Vivier sandals.

Carven Resort 2012 Collection

Roger Vivier Satin Sandals

Unfortunately, this was the result. Such a shayna punim. Such a great dresser 9 times out of ten. Why does she look so drab? Why does she look like she slept in this dress for a couple of hours? It’s actually a fairly cute dress. We just don’t think the color suits her at all, and the combination of wrinkles in the skirt and way-too underdone hair (which we were willing to ignore when she was wearing something much more focus-pulling) makes her look uncharacteristically sloppy. We get that it’s a party, but surely she could have found a comfortable party dress that suited her better than this.

As for the shoes…put it this way: we’re not saying a satin sandal can’t look chic and modern; we’re just saying it’s gonna have to work awfully hard to prove it to us. We can’t help thinking they look a little “boudoir.” And we don’t love the shoes the model is wearing, but the outfit looks so much sharper with that bit of color at the bottom. This is why we rail against the matchy shoe, ladies. Not only is it basic; not only does it make the wearer look like they have no style instincts; the matchy shoe simply doesn’t punctuate an outfit as well as a contrasting shoe does. Reasonable people can disagree on this, but we never claimed to be reasonable.


IN! She looks casually chic!

OUT! That dress looks like a dirty ironing board cover!

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