Anne Hathaway at LAX

Posted on August 17, 2011

Anne Hathaway, you’re going to have to explain something to us.

Anne Hathaway arrives at LAX in an Elizabeth and James resort collection dress.

Look, we get it, Anne; we really do. You’re in the unenviable position of having to get off a plane and face a bunch of photographers. We wouldn’t want that for ourselves, but then again, you’re an overpaid celebrity and our sympathy for that particular type of creature only extends about a foot in front of us before dissolving.

We like the idea of a simple form-fitting dress paired with some cute sandals and sunglasses. It’s a classic and it’s very hard to get that look wrong because it’s somewhat effortless. But sweetie, why would you want to wear a dress that looks like you have a toilet paper trail behind you? That just looks kind of assy, you’ll pardon the pun. Doesn’t that get all caught up in between your legs? Isn’t that kind of annoying? What’s peeing in that thing like? Do you have to hold the tail way over your head or do you just wrap it around your arm?

Also, while you are a very thin young lady and therefore can get away with all kinds of things that the unwashed public mostly can’t, even you can’t work little horizontal lines of black and white with a bias seam running down the front. No woman can, dear. The whole look is like an illustration of the word “disheveled.” We just want to twist that dress into place and cut off the TP train.

At which point we would be carted away by security so it’s probably best for everyone that we stay here behind our desks and just say bitchy things. But consider our comments carefully, won’t you? Love your shades, darling!


[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews]

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